Tuesday, August 31, 2010

happy 53rd independence day!

happy independence day! nadira with her 1st malaysian flag;)

also like to share few pics during independence celebration @ my school.. me n few cholics ( unit bimbingan & kaunseling, panitia sivik n panitia kajian tempatan ) share thoughts n team-up to bring this celebration;.

pics of opening ceremony, 18 aug 2010..

pics of d closing ceremony, 30 aug 2010..

Sunday, August 22, 2010

nadira 10th months photos

tomorrow, on 23rd, nadira will b 11th months old. now only got d time to upload her pic.. huhu.. as i was bz with school work n parenting alone..

hubby got offer letter from spnb today, regarding d house we'd applied for in labuan. d price was 214k. now searching for d best house loan deal.. then need to prepare another 30k for deposit n other extra fee to pay.. huhu.. not forgetting furnishing d house with fan n lamp.. huhu.. anyway must settle d 2k deposit by dis wednesday.. or d offer will b given to others.. hubby got 1k, so need another 1k.. hopefully my arrears since last yr will be included in my salary dis month.

d house was under construction now. 2-storey terrace house- intermediate unit. hubby said will take pic of d house after d deposit matter settled. so have to wait to see our future house;)

for now, we already have d bed set, a-cond, lcd tv, wash machine, fridge, cooking stove, kettle. mayb will add later for d :

1) panasonic microwave ( i luv panasonic appliances )
2) panasonic blender
3) large carpet ( for living room )
4) ikea sofa
5) ikea coffee table
6) ikea dining table set
7) ikea stuff for future nadira's bedroom
8) kitchen stuff

will think for other stuff to be installed or put in d house.. really can't wait;))

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


last nite, while waiting for nadira to fell asleep. i gave her a hair com to play with. it's a big hair comb ( to detangle wet hair . she knew that a hair comb used for combing hair. i was surprised when i gave her my big comb and she put it on her head while combing her hair. really makes me n hubby laugh;D (@ that moment me n nadira were 'skyping' with my hubby.. hehe..

Sunday, August 15, 2010

raya cookies

cornflakes madu
rolled dates
pineapple tart
telur rebus
ulat bulu

Seri Gaya Enterprise and Seri Gaya Studio proudly brings you our delicious home made raya cookies. Our cookies' recipes were made since almost 20 years ago.. Maybe our price higher than others as we are using quality and tasty ingredients. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Price :-
-RM0.44 each ( still at the same price as last year )
-RM22.00 for 50pcs or, RM44.00 for 100pcs..the rest you can count..
-You'll get the receipt after the payment has been made

Your order:-
-Can me made via PM on Facebook ( Rina Rahman ) or via sms / call 014-6579564
-Dateline is ( 21 August 2010 )
-Full payment ( cash ) must be made upon confirmation or during pick up
-Minimum order is 50 and in 100, 150, 200, 250 or 300 pcs order ( in plastic container ).
-Late payment or late self pick up will cause the cancellation of the order and will be sold to others.

Pick Up Point:-
-Kota Kinabalu Sabah (Will Announce) starting from 27 August - 8 September 2010

* p/s - seri gaya enterprise and seri gaya studio were my family's business company. i'm just helping here as advertising them;)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

it's fasting time..

Me, my hubby n our precious 1, Alana Nadira, would like to wish all Muslims out there, "Happy Fasting n Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak";))..

Sunday, August 8, 2010

raya n future planning..

mm.. while waiting for nadira's body temperature to be decreased, i'm blogging about future.. not totally about future.. just a few things of it.

raya 2010.. hubby said maybe we're not going to semporna this year, because something coming up.. and hubby was just went there last month during his grandmom passed away and kenduri arwah. well, now the buying house matter is almost wish coming through.. and need a lot money to have 1.. so maybe we'll be celebrating eidul fitri this year @ kk, as need a lot of money if we're going to semporna ( as planned nadira and me will take flight from kk while hubby drive all the way to semporna bringing our stuff, then we're going to stay @ hotel during 4 days there). so for now the plan has been postponed..

there's a new residential area @ labuan. and most probably will be open end of this year. hubby's already in the line of booking for buying it. either double storey or single storey terrace house. hopefully we can make it to have 1.. can't wait to have own house and decorating it.. for now, we already had our own car and hubby has started to make up her.. yes, it's our other baby.. haha.. no la.. it's the car, toyota wish. hubby had added body kit @ skirting for her. and other planning for the car :

1) new rims and tyres ;
2) new installer for the dvd player ( as it's in japanese language ) ;
3) gps ( already installed before we bought it, but now only have japan map, so need to buy malaysia's map cd ) ;
4) lcd screen ( i've wanted this for so long ;P ) ; and
5) sound system (hubby said, if we buy lcd screen, must get this too).

that's all for the moment.. hehe.. and below are few picture of our car ( with added body kit )..

Saturday, August 7, 2010

no chicken pls..

2day me n nadira went 2 d clinic.. BINGUNG.. klinik kerajaan ckp lain, klinik swasta ckp lain.. so which advice should i follow?

dr lalita from polyclinic permai said, child below 2 yrs old can't eat chicken.. what! dat's d thing nadira had be eaten 4 d past 4 months (since her 6th months). mm.. she said need 2 eat fish. i agree dat, but chicken? huhu.. poor nadira.. her underweight problem sometimes made me worried a lot. however she's a clever n active daughter..

actually we went 2 d clinic coz nadira had fever. started @ 1am, she woke up n played. i also woke up n changed her diaper, fed her BF n try make her fall asleep again. but her body kind of warm.. so i put 'cool-kid' on her forehead. @ 4am, she woke up again with warm body still. so again changed her diaper, fed her BF n try make her fall asleep again. but she won't.. i fed her harsley's rusk n gave her panadol tru' her bottom then she managed 2 sleep. finally..

only @ 10 am dis morning, i managed 2 bring her 2 d clinic with d help from from my dad. me n nadira only woke up @ 8.30am dis morning after waking up few times last nite. hehe.. hope she's getting better soon;)

p/s - while nadira's underweight, i'm almost 2 my ideal weight;)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

nadira's a big girl now..

yippie! nadira began to crawl n stand by herself now. it started by standing in her cot by holding d cot's railing. then just last weekend she started crawling. she did crawled fast. she's taller too now.. skinny n tall.. huhu.. i'm a bit worried for her weight but a long as she's happy n hyper, then enough for me;)..

now bz planning for semporna's raya trip n nadira 1 yr old birthday bash.. huhu.. she's almost 1 now.. just a simple, colourful n fun party juz for our precious alana nadira;))