Tuesday, May 19, 2009

my baby..

i'm worried..my pregnancy getting bigger. my left feet hardly to walk bcoz of d cramp. i'm easily tired. n d school work load.. really exhausted.. hopefully my baby will b ok. worried if d baby also felt as i am.. huhu.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

happy teacher's day!

2day is teacher's day, 16th may. my school celebr8 d day wit simple but fun celebration. i was 1 of d mc of d day. i also got gifts n lots of wishes from my fellow students. it was an interesting 1st yr of being a teacher ( actually it was juz 5 months. hehe.. ). 1 wk 2 go 4 exam wk. n i'll b so bz 2 check all 11 classes exam papers. aiyok..

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

my 1st tetanus injection

aduhh..sakit..hehe..kebas tangan kiri. dat's wat happened 2 my left arm. i got my 1st maternity tetanus injection 2day. d 2nd injection will b after 1 month. d nurse said it was my 21 wks of pregnancy. n my belly getting bigger ;)). my baby also kicking very active. mayb he will be a sports person like his parents. soccer n hockey player. hehe.

i miz'd my hubby so much..he'll b home end of dis month. dis is 1 of d pic of our wedding day. juz after d 'akad nikah' ceremony n getting ready 4 'berinai' nite ceremony.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

belly belt

thanx 2 dona n roy..i got my belly belt 2day via post. unfortunately, both of my jeans were so tight now. hav 2 buy maternity jeans la ni..but d belly belt suits my black slack pants. will go shopping end of dis month during kaamatan. yeah! alan will going back home also. yeah again!

can't wait 4 payment day. but b4 day hav 2 finish yr 4 n 6 khexam paper 1st. bz weekend again dis week. already done yr 5 exam paper. yr 6 syllabus is almost over 4 dis sem..juz d 'sewing' left. 2 wks more 4 exam wk n 3 wks b4 1st semester break. yeah2x! ;))

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

baby's bag

i'm thinking of buying bag 4 my baby. planning 2 hav gin & jacqie's bag. they'r cute n also suitable 4 casual activity, shopping or jln2. hehe. there r 3 opt 2 choose.

1) mom's n baby's bag wit accessories. but d color is boring..
2) d design is cute. got red, blue, pink, orange n cream color. like d blue color , also d sling strap;)
3) same design as no 2. but only wit d pink or yellow line. no sling strap but has mesh tote bag.

bag no 2 n 3 is interesting i guess.. planning 2 buy it end of dis month. kirim sma qming d kl. hopefully she'll help me 2 buy d bag la. hehe ;P