Sunday, December 30, 2012

december 2012

december.. luvs december so much ;)) it's school holiday, d season of winter,

..our wedding anniversary, on d 27th ( i found dis printed paper while checking some files in d drawers. it was d design of our wedding banner ).

n also my birthday on d 28th.. ;))

i'm 30 dis yr n lots of things 2 b done b4 my 40's.. n by 2013 all d things i 1 2 do r :

1) get arissa n nadira a saving insurance each ;
2) complete our wedding photobook.. d layout design is with my big bro, radzie, n i haven't got d time 2 discuss detail wit him 4 d final layout of pics dat i 1 ;p
3) edit my wedding videos.. haha.. yup dis 1 2.. b4 dis was so bz wit d kids so need 2 b focus on editting them ;p
4) raya visit to semporna, it'll b my 1st time 2 my late mom-in-law's hometown ;
5) got ourselves a photoshoot 4 family pics ;)) wit white garments @ d playground or park.. can't wait ;p
6) kundasang trip.. it'll b arissa's 1st visit there ;)).. dis time will stay @ least 1 nite, then will go 2 d mesilau 4 d dairy farm ;)) n hopefully can drop a visit 2 d sabah tea farm 2 ;
7) planning 4 2016 singapore visit.. haha.. will keep on searching d best place 2 stay, 2 visit, 2 eat n where 2 buy d best bargain 4 d souvenir.. also will start d money saving 4 d trip of coz ;p
8) pray on time.. yup i'm d 1 who sumtime delays my responsibility.. huhu.. ;((
9) read Quran a lot.. yup.. usually juz read it during ramadhan ;((
10) 2 spare my time 4 reading Yaasin every thursday nite ( mlm jumaat ) coz i rarely do dis ;((
11) learn how 2 cook delicious 'soto' ;p
12) buy nadira a mini ipad ;
13) buy arissa a gold bracelet wit bell ;
14) buy myself an iphone 5 ; n finally..
15) buy hubby a set of new rims n tyres 4 our toyota wish mpv..

hopefully i can reach all of them by 2013.. amin.. @ least more than half, esp d important 1 which r no 1 'til 10.. i'm trying 2 b a happy working-mom n also a good muslimah ;))

n suddenly d new things @ our home recently ;)) haha..

d maid's bed n drawers..

arissa's safety gate..

good bye 2012.. d yr of gaining n searching of d new me, after 30 yrs of living ;p hopefully my life will b always blessed by Allah.. esp 4 all of us.. ALaNa's family.. amin ;))

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Location:taman mahkota impian, w.p. labuan

Saturday, December 22, 2012

kk medical visit ;)) pt. 3

after d surgery @ 12pm yesterday, hubby still staying in d sharing ward. d ward was hectic wit 3 very old other patients as they was critical ill. wit lots of coughing, loud noise from d oxigen tank ( from d bed nex 2 hubby's ) n not 4getting d voices of their visitors' voices. hohoho.. n finally we got a single bed ward, d executive room ( rm300 per nite ;p )

nice tv board ;))

d lazy is 4 rented ( rm15 per day )..

d seats..

d bathroom equiped wit water heater..

really like d sink design ;))

n i brought arissa 2 stay wit us tru' d nite ;))

also got mcD's meals 4 dinner ( via delivery ).. hehe..

our nest 4 d nite.. foldable mattress n comforter ( from my mom's ) wit d dsh pillow n blanket ;))

n 2day.. in d morning ;))

our fresh face after morning hot shower ;))

arissa's pose..

during noon time, arissa's taking her nap while we'r watching movies on d tv ;))

juz got d chance 2 take pics of hubby..

his left knee..

cold therapy.. had been wore @ his knee tru' out d nite..

hubby can walk by himself already, but juz a bit slow.. he can't bend his knee too much.. d wound will b recover in few days dr. dharma said. n in january, he'll take a bit of tendon from hubby's left foot, make it in tied-4 pcs as a new anterior crutiate ligament ( acl ) 4 hubby ;))

n since hubby can walk, d most probably we gonna watch d 'hobbits' as planned.. amin.. ( finger crossed ) ;))

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Location:damai specialist hospital, kk

Friday, December 21, 2012

kk medical visit ;)) pt. 2

on our way 2 dsh..

nadira's pose @ dsh lobby..

2day @ damai specialist hospital ( dsh ), hubby registered himself @ 9am n got warded, get ready by 11.30am n surgery @ 12pm. surgery by dr. dharma, he's d only orthopedic specialist in kk. so he also working @ rafflesia, smc n whereever needed.

waiting 4 hubby outside d operation theatre..

hubby got 2 share of 4-bed per room, n warded wit 2 others. we asked 4 2-bed or single room, but not available.

hubby need 2 b warded 1 nite @ dsh. 6 hrs of flat-laying, got spinal anesthesia meaning dat half-body below will b numb n only fully recover @ 9pm 2nite. wat happened actually is 1 of his cruciate ligament has been torn. d 2nd surgery will b done in january 2013 dr. dharma said.

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Location:damai specialist hospital, kk

kk medical visit ;)) pt. 1

being so bz yesterday.. rushed 4 managing flight tickets of me n hubby @ pml's hrm dept, buying our princesses' flight tickets n d maid's ferry ticket. hubby went 2 check 4 his knee on d 19th @
damai specialist centre ( he went 2 kk on d 18th n went back 2 labuan d next day ). n d doctor decide 2 do d surgery on d 23rd.

here some pic of our journey 2day.

arissa was sleeping while otw 2 d airport by taxi.. nadira was xcited 2 c her grandparents.. pls ignore d pimples on my face ;p

@ labuan airport.. during waiting 4 departure time.. we had our brunch @ white coffee kopitiam, then guess wat? swipe my credit card 4 d flying nomad's cute cardigan n pinkish shawl, both from leopard print design. can't stand 4 not having them ;p luckily they'r 20% less ;))

nadira also got a new book ;))

during our flight..

also got d chance 2 buy nadira's n arissa's mamy poko diapers 4 only rm31.90 each pack ( sunny supermaket's promotion ), where in labuan u'll get only rm36.90 4 d cheapest. n also other stuff like wet tissues, bottle liquid cleanser, formula milk 4 arissa ( still d cheapest anmum-step 2 in sabah n labuan @ sunny's ) n some groceries.

later we decide 2 watch d latest movie @ suria gsc, d hobbits. since there were no more movie ticket 4 d best seat @ 7pm show, we juz bought 4 sunday show. juz me, hubby n nadira. so do more shopping;)) arissa n nadira's mothercare slippers n nadira's mothercare legging..

also arissa's tommee tippie feeding spoon ( wide spoon 4 easy feeding )

hoho.. shud b a medical visit 4 hubby, as it was d 1st surgery 4 his left knee. he got it injured during playing badminton wit his cholics last month. his 2nd surgery will b sometime nex yr.

hopefully everything runs smoothly 2morow. not 4getting his knee will b totally ok soon ;))

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

d 4th anniversary ;)) Pt.1

cintan-cintun yrs.. haha ;p found dis wallet-size-pic in 1 of d drawer recently ;))

n d rest..



with alana nadira..

n adding arissa nathifa..

"cherish every moment, although happy, sad, good, bad n rough time.."

a quote by me.. ;))

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wit my 12-yrs bff, aning

miz our usm yrs, not 4getting d others.. vv, mieya, emma, ayin, ferrie, liza, nurul payung, n lots of names 2 b mentioned.. miz u all!

- p/s got d chance 4 luncheon wit aning a.k.a. nat @ fratini's restaurant, labuan, along wit my daughter, nadira..

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Location:labuan town

Saturday, December 15, 2012

pml operation department family day 2012

here r some pics of 2day's event ;))

we didn't join any of d games but guess wat? we won d hamper 4 lucky draw session ;))

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