Sunday, January 16, 2011

2011 blog make over ;D

done a few make over to my blog.. not too much..

1) blog header design kit from ;

2) background - i didn't record from which blog i got it.. huhu..

3) buttons, got them from

all are freebies, well i'll not spend my money on d blogging except for my time.. hehe..

starting 2011..

yup.. i think nothing much change from last year.. guess what.. still keep on bz with school work.. still appointed 4 more than basic work task..

1) Living Skills' @ KH teacher
2) Mathematics' teacher ( dis 1 is my new task )
3) Pupils' Data System Coordinator
4) KWAPM ( Poor Pupils' Fund ) Coordinator
5) Year 5 Coordinator
6) Head of KH's committee
7) Secretary of Sivic committee
8) Technical Manager's Assistant of 2011's School Sports ( also newly appointed )

not forgetting special task :

1) PIBG @ parents & teacher association committee
2) Hockey Coach ( school level )

it's fine with me.. but why only hardworking ppl @ ppl with multi-task ability are appointed to do lots of work, while others @ lazy ppl, just doing nothing ( only teaching ).. huhu.. more load work but same salary n appreciation from d administrator.. yup d administrator juz said ' thank you to all teachers ' @ our last meeting last yr. so confused, what is actually a teacher's task in school?

lots of new task will b appointed since it's still in january n lots of other school's activities will b organized.. what was i'm really not satisfied for all dis? well, u can talk, but pls do ur work. not judging ppl's work but doing nothing.. yup.. dat also happened last yr.. a little happy also, as d school is having new Senior Assistant Registrar. as she's kind of multi-task n bold person. hopefully lazy ppl will b eyes-opened by her ;P

Saturday, January 1, 2011

good bye 2010.. pt 2

finally it's here.. yet, i've got 1 more day 2 pack n rearrange my stuff (been doing 4 d whole school holiday - choose usable stuff, throw unwanted stuff, store 4 easy moving later - my stuff from usm yrs, working as an asst architect n kpli.. huhu..). also been sick in dis few days.. my flu haven't got better 4 a week up 'til now. well, just take d medicine if during necessary or critical time only.. hehe.. suits me..

wanna share few pics of us visiting d lok kawi zoo.. we did manage 2 go there, after a packed-spending-time 2gether since hubby's around. not dat really fun, but quite ok 4 introducing nadira 2 d wildlife, n she luvs elephants d best ;)).

we didn't complete d zoo trail since it was long, hot n tiring walk, we missed out d zoo tram. juz went 2 c few animals then went to Mega Long Shopping Mall, Penampang 4 lunch @ Mary Brown. n as usual, did some shopping there.. hehe..

it was very cheap, 3 items 4 rm10 only.. head band, hair band n clip.. all pink.. haha;P

on d 30th, after sending my aunt, aunt lai n her childrens @ kkia - terminal 2, did some shopping again @ wawasan plaza n wisma merdeka;). about my aunt n her family, they came 2 kk 4 almost 2 wks n spend time wit d big family (PHB's family - my mom's side). my aunt will have a breast operation n hopefully she'll recover soon. my final shopping of 2010 :

got my lip gloss n eye brow pencil from body shop. did bought strawberry body gel n peppermint smoothing pumice foot scrub. thanx 2 my bday's 50% n 20% vouchers (got it since i'm a the body shop member), i bought d total rm135.80 items 4 only rm94.35. rm41.15 saved;) hehe.. dat's why i luv shopping wit vouchers n during year end sales.. haha;P

p/s : i got my cloth pads n liners already.. not forgetting d wet bag.. happy 4 having them..

n dat's my 2010 ended.. hopefully less stress, tears n sadness 4 dis new 2011.. i'm hoping dat our lil' family will b living 2gether soon;))