Wednesday, July 28, 2010


it was very HOT yesterday.. blew-off in d afernoon @ bank rakyat likas branch coz d bank clerk was so damn non professional n non responsible.. how can she treat her client badly n without saying SORRY.. i did yelled @ her. naa.. kau kna triak hidup2 dpn customer lain..n she juz did her stupid face, smiling n laughing a bit. i was felt so challenged with her annoying attitude.. really gave a HIGH BLOOD..

it started when i went there wit my cuzie to take back our pay-slip after done some personal loan early dis yr. after having our queue number, n called for our turn, i asked d bank clerk d reason i'm there. n dis happen...

clerk: pls b seated, i'll call u when ur pay-slip r ready..
me: ok..

after a while.. she called me n guess wat 1 of my 3 pay-slip missing in action.. jeng3..

clerk: there's only 2 pay-slip wit us. mayb u juz give us 2.
me: no.. i did sent 3.. n impossible i'd only sent 2. i'm sure it was 3.
clerk: no, only 2 wit us. u must have sent 2 us only 2..

my blood went a bit high.. n asked her..

me: so how?
clerk: there's nothing we can do. only 2 pay-slip in our storage.
me: so how? who should b responsible?

again she said..

clerk: there's nothing we can do. only 2 pay-slip in our storage. or mayb another cholic misplaced it somewhere..
me: so how? who should be responsible? u don't 1 2 responsible? (wit highly yelling keynote)..

really testing my patient.. n she asked me to wait as she had another customer waiting 4 her 2 b attend.

clerk: if i attend u, i can't attend my other customer. so i'll ask my officer n she'll settle it.
me: ok..

after a while, another women went out 2 d counter, n i explain 2 her wat i need n wat did happen.. n again i received d same stupid reason from d officer.

officer: there's nothing we can do. only 2 pay-slip in our storage. mayb u'd sent 2 us only 2 pay-slip.
me: impossible i'd only sent 2 coz u should never let me pass d application earlier..

n suddenly.. another clerk came n brought a pay-slip n ask who dropped it.

clerk: it's okay already..
me: madam.. pls tell ur clerk 2 work professional..

n they did smile n laugh a bit.. i was d 1 ashamed of them, as they were totally fool.. careless n still accusing ppl.. please.. u gave me so stupid reason.. n then tried 2 accuse me.. DAMN U! if u'r professional, u'll apologize, said u'll try 2 find it, if can't find it u'll write letter dat says it was lost during ur storing. i really felt not satisfied wit their attitude.. n now i'm planning 2 write a letter of customer service complaint 2 d bank manager.. juz wait!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

nadira's 10 months old..;))

@ atok udin house.. nadira was sleepy but excited when playing ( esp adult's stuff - my face blotting oil paper ;P)

now nadira can understands if we'r angry or say NO to her, saying 'ep', 'jangan' n 'no' with a little higher tone of voice. and sometimes she just testing our patience coz she kept doing her thing although we already said no to her, as she doing it on purpose..n sometimes she kind of speaking as answering or talk back..

she'll sing when hearing ppl singing (music videos, reality tv shows, etc), doing azan when hearing it, mengaji too when hearing ppl reading quran.. huhu..

she luvs 2 eat wat ppl eats.. really luvs 2 imitate wat ppl r doing.. as playing wit handphones n laptops.. huhu..

sometimes i miz'd lil' nadira n my bump too.. anyhow, she really had cheered mine n hubby's life.. 2 months left 4 her 1st birthday.. can't wait.. will plan for d birthday bash;)) theme? dunno yet..


yup.. it's about rights.. starting with my salary which should have included d increment since feb-march. but guess wat? up til now, no signs of it. my frens @ other schools already rm100 added to their salary. it's from P1T1 to P1T4 (all kpli),but P1T6 (for engineering course) n P1T9 for(accounting course) .

d account clerk shud knew wat she need 2 do. but lots of mistakes done until few senior still haven't got their 3 yrs increment. 3 YRS!!! i shud b blow-off if treated like dat. i wonder how they can so patient. well d school head was so kind-hearted, so some ppl take advantage of dis. but still it's her responsible 2 do her work.

dat's about my salary thing.. about tuition.. i did for school under SBT, Skim Baucer Tuisyen for yr 6 student. it's another clerk managing dis. n it's after few cholics done d document settlement (n it's d clerk's job), it almost 2 weeks n nothing done for us 2 receive d payment. juz filling d cheque n ask d school head n his assistant to sign was a big deal 4 her.. damn! i'm so pissed! we shud get d payment last month. IF U DON'T 1 2 DO UR JOB, THERE'S A LOT OF PPL WILLING 2 DO URS..think!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

stuff i like.. pt. 2

back to stuff i like..luv branded stuff.. i want high quality stuff so that they'll last longer. it began during my form 4 yr.. got rm200 after achieving 4a's in pmr. hehe.. then i bought a cd player. brand? didn't remember. actually i wanted 2 buy a sony cd player, which cost rm400. but my parents said NO. n guess wat.. juz after 2 months, d player broke down. had 2 repair it 2 times. now my lil' bro is using it. moral of d story 4 me.. quality comes 1st, no matter how d price cost. from dat, i always wanted high quality stuff. although it'll cost more, as long as it'll last longer n will made me satisfied.

show-off? mayb 4 some ppl.. but 4 me it's a return gift after working so hard as a teacher, wife n mom.. hehe.. sometimes need 2 pamper myself.. hehe..

luv bling2 stuff too.. but dis refer to my mood.. usually as having swarovski beads on my tudung, colourful beads sew to my baju kurung/kebaya. also got bling2 on my watch n engagement ring for d moment.. hehe..

mm.. mayb i shud have a pendant 4 dis coming raya.. but didn't know yet will i have time 4 shopping? huhu..

Saturday, July 10, 2010

stuff i like..

good news.. juz on friday i found out dat nadira had her 6th teeth. hehe.. and she bite quite rough now. esp during BF.. huhu.. hurts me on d nipple..

oo ya.. stuff i like.. suddenly i looked around d room n thinking d stuff i like since i'm starting to pack some stuff (for labuan) n actively will do d packing during fasting month. n then got d idea to blogging.. hehe..

again.. stuff i like.. my handbags (luv all of my 4 guess handbags - 2 blacks, gold n cream ). 1 of them starts to tear @ d exterior (d d cream 1).. so need to buy 1 more.. haha.. more shopping?;P mayb.. luv white colour things too.. mm.. 4 now i hav macbook laptop (white), bed set( all white - bed, wardrobes, chest drawers, chest drawer with mirror, nadira's cot ), toyota wish mpv (white), and in d future will have my own house with d interior in white.. hehe..

o ya.. cute stuff esp in pink colour too.. as totes (i have 2 large pink totes), pencil case, small coin purse, handphone cover, shawls n 'tudung', n also most of d clothes in my wardrobe. almost pink. hehe..

meaning dat i luv simple n cute stuff.. n now 'pinkish' nadira in d making ;P..

p/s-sometimes i like bling2 stuff too..

Saturday, July 3, 2010

world cup 2010

netherlands won d match againts brazil. hm.. did predict dat.. as i remembered, back 1998, i was supporting brazil, netherlands n france. but other team as argentina, italy, japan was quite tough to b defeated.. haha.. not dat fanatic actually..

but dis time, 2010.. i've never got d chance to view full match as nadira went to sleep around 8pm till 4,5am d next day. will i have d chance for d final match? no.. i guess.. huhu.. but still hav time to make it happen ;P

2014.. surely will watch most of d match since nadira will b 4 yrs old dat time. she'll b supporting argentina, mayb? haha.. hubby's fav team.. me? juz support d team who deserve to won la.. fair n square ;P

p/s - mayb nadira will luv football a lot.. like father, like daughter? or hockey? ;P

Friday, July 2, 2010

9 months old nadira..

d background was my work stuff. all stationaries, books.. can't wait to hav my own study room.. really hope can transfer to labuan dis december..

nadira with her 2 below teeth..

she luvs watching cartoons.. esp wit singing n dancing scenes.. hehe..

@ suria kk's kenny rogers restaurant.. nadira's having her meal from d feeding chair..
today's pic wit new sleeping romper+matching pants..

nadira got temper?

nadira's starting to have temper! she'll screams and throws herself back also hits hardly @ my shoulder if i did something she doesn't like. usually dis happen when she's trying hard to have her nap. she's hardly got her nap now. sometimes only 1 or 2 times a day ( 6.30 -8pm, 9-11am, 2-5pm was her nap time ). she'll stay awake especially ppl around her not sleeping. sometimes i did sleep during d day juz to make she take her nap ;P.. n sometime i did get angry wit her, well.. getting mad back doesn't control d situation @ all.. juz need calmly to make her sleep or put back or undo when she gets mad and takes something or messes something up.

she also will bite on purpose. on my arm, my shoulder, my hand.. hehe.. she's trying to taste wit her teeth i guess.. o ya! nadira got 5 teeth now.. 3 @ uppper gum n 2 @ below;)). it's kinda cute thing, but i'm worried dat when she gets older, she'll bite other babies ;P. usually she'll bite when felt 'geram', mostly happen to her soft toys.. hehe..

nadira's starting 'talks' back too... @ home we'll say NO if she's getting into something, she'll 'talk' at us in a higher tone that sounds like talking back. then continuing wat she's doing as pulling d curtain, touching things on d coffee table etc. she's already getting an attitude.. huhu.. most probably she'll b naughty soon..