Sunday, November 25, 2012

shop 'til u drop ;p

2day me n nadira went shopping 2 kk times sq. d main reason is 2 find d mosquito repellent 4 both arissa n nadira. since we'r back 2 kk, both of them bcame d mosquitoes victims. huhu.. arms, cheeks, legs were bitten by mosquitoes. but both mothercare n kids avenue didn't hav any stock of it.

also getting arissa's nuk teats set, bottle wash liquid, mothercare shampoo, bath gel n lotion.. also jeng3x.. shopaholic begins..

mothercare grooming set. contents of brush, comb, scissors, toothbrush, nail clipper n nail files. juz saw dis n remember dat both arissa n nadira never had a complete set. juz a sharing comb n clipper each. so gotta hav it 4 arissa ;)) all toilettries got 15% discount..

juz 4 nadira.. mothercare 7-pcs colourful polkadots cotton briefs n 2-pcs flowery sleeveless dress wit pink cardigan. actually i was planning 2 buy her a hood sweater jacket or a cardigan, but either there were no size or no pink colour @ mothercare. n dis garments were 30% discount, rm176.35 4 d dress n rm55.95 4 d briefs.

n 4 arissa, got her tommee tippee pink flip up spout.. she luvs drinking plain water not like her mama. haha ;p

o ya, last wednesday went 2 parkson, wawasan plaza 2 buy my sk2 cleanser n preparation 4 nadira n arissa 2 attend aunt intan, my cousin's wedding dis coming 16th december. since d theme was purple, got them purple t-shirts. will mix d tshirts wit white leggings. 4 me, already send 4m of purple chiffon cloth 2 d tailor. hopefully it'll b complete wit beads on time. will upload our 'lil family pic later if we able 2 attend d wedding. huhu..

pink-purple tshirt. only got d portait pic.. huhu..

hubby's off day will b on d same weekend but we'll b using a lot of money 4 d maid matter. so, gotta spare some 4 december usage;))

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

another BIG day 4 my cuzie ;))

it's weekend n juz got back from membakut 4 seeing my cousin, dayang's wedding. she was a sibling 2 my 2 other cousins, wan n manja who got married in 2010.

here some pics of d day :

on our way ;))

blue-yellow wedding theme.. n i like d simple but gorgeous sanding pelamin ;))

nadira wit her 'lil aunt, amani, which is also my 'lil cousin ;p

nadira @ d bebadak pelamin, d ceremony was held yesterday evening..

us wit other PHB's members, nenek shasha, aunt manja, aunt manda, aunt tasha, aunt ica, also aunt bety n aunt amani all d way from kl;))

peace.. nadira wit mama tua, my mom ;))

active arissa ;))

nadira wit aunt manda..

nadira pose wit d sanding pelamin ;))

o ya.. juz 4 sharing.. d inner i wore was from awlascarf @ quality was better from d rm10 inner, but i guess d maysaa's satin wrap band snood will b d best ;)) ( i didn't get d chance 2 purchase from maysaa since d online shop wasn't available last time i'd checked. but now they'r back on biz ). mayb will get their chiffon scarf snood black in d future ;)) it's in my wish list ;p

bought black n white inner..

juz ignore d chaos background n d pimple on my chin.. haha ;p

now i can wear shawl easily.. soon will add more new shawl 2 my collection.. i was too-long wit d instant hijjab.. ;p i was not into latest fashion, juz wear wat i think nice n comfortable wit ;))

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

it's official ;))

alhamdulillah.. 1 of my best cuzie, dg. wahidah a.k.a farah, was married 2 her fiance recently, last friday evening. she's now officially mrs. farah ;))

she was being there 4 me during my early times getting stable @ labuan. n not 4getting lots of ppl saying dat we've got similar face ;))

here some pics during her BIG day ;)) (will upload d others a bit later in fb since i can't take a lot of pics wit 2 kids 2 b taking care of(

farah's nikah+bebadak pelamin..

before she bcome mrs. farah ;))

during nikah ceremony..

nadira's pose after d nikah ceremony..

during bebadak ceremony,i can't take any pics of d bride since d pelamin area was so crowded wit d guest.. juz nadira n arissa's pics..

farah's sanding pelamin..

arissa being naughty ;p

again.. no pics since there's a lot of guest taking pics of d newly wed. will get d pics from my 'lil sis later..

wit dd, farah's best fren, also sister 2 kudin, hubby's bestfren. she's also getting married dis coming 30th nov ;))

yr of 2012 was d wedding yr 4 my big family. both my mom n dad's family.. starting wit lynda, zikri, now farah, n nex wik will b dayang n in december will b 4 intan's wedding, she's lynda's sister ;)) d big family will b merrier wit more in-laws, n nex yr adding their babies of coz ;p

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

arissa n nadira;))

it's been a long since my last post. now juz had some free time since it was school holiday. but still got some school work 2 b done b4 going back 2 kk..

during my cousin, zikri's wedding in september..

being so active nowadays.. she can walk but need 2 hold 2 d coffee table or d tv rack ;)) really luv 2 stand n baby talk ;p still no sitting by her own.. n not 4getting she can crawl up d stairs 2.. huhu..

dining out @ mawilla yacht club restaurant..

lunch @ grand dorsett hotel restaurant..

lunch @ old town white coffee restaurant..

n during @ kk 4 weekend shopping.. hubby got nadira a rechargable scooter, it was her blated bday gift.. ;))

d kids' smile, laughter n happiness r d priority 4 us;)).

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