Saturday, November 27, 2010

searching for material

yes.. i'm doing survey for our soon-home-finally.. hehe.. well.. really luv to start with d :

1) bedroom -ours n nadira's(since day time was for working time, so @ home will b nap/sleeping time);

2) then dining area ( need dis area so much, as it'll can b a temporary office area);

3) living room ( will start with a carpet, few cushions, tv rack. need a lot of surveying to find d most likable sofa.. hehe..);

4) then kitchen.. simply coz we'll b spending much time in bed.. hehe;P

i'm thinking of going to decor/design in phases so that we can work within our current budget and still prepare d house to live in;)..

here some of ideas i'm keen to design our home.. but will not copy them.. just take d ideas n design it my own way ( well, i'm a former assistant architect, n i'll make use of it ).

idea for bedroom : modern romantic ( as for nadira, still not getting d concept yet ). but dis 1 kind of dull-grey.. shud spice it up with colors.. mayb pink, purple, brown or blue.. d bed decor will b simple to design, d wardrobe is d major thing.. huhu.. d house will b not so big, same with d bedroom. so must design d wardrobe carefully. yup.. i'm going to design&build d wardrobe. our clothes will never going to fit an ordinary wardrobe..

as for dining+living area, thinking of these..
d design was simple n did d area look spacious ;

luv d tv rack, a long or high book rack is needed as i'm having lots of books n magazines to be kept in ;

luv d dining set furnitures.. n d mirror, luv it too.. but d area is so spacious n all d furniture looks great.. really need to survey a lot to find d best furniture for our liv+dine area coz don't them to look crowded with stuff.. huhu..

all designs were great in pics.. so now, need to design my own way.. really appreciate any comment from my viewers.. thanx;))

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

nadira 1st trip to Kundasang;))

totally bz for 2 months i think.. n so tiring, life for d moment juz for working n for nadira.. huhu.. left dat behind, it's school holiday rite now.. will continue about work later ;P

now it's d chance to share 'bout nadira's 1st trip to kundasang;)).. juz few days after nadira's birthday, that's was on saturday 25th of september , my lil' family went to kundasang, where was d mt. kinabalu located. it's so breezy up @ d mt. kinabalu park. also went to kundasang war memorial n able to shop for veges @ kundasang town.

what a journey.. n nadira was sleeping most of d time otw to kundasang;)

stop a while for nadira's breakfast time..

@ timpohon gate (place where d hikers starts their journey to mt. kinabalu)

@ kinabalu park (juz stopping by as 'nature calls'.. hehe..)

@ mt. kinabalu heritage resort n spa (as i remembered.. hehe.. it changed its name, formerly known as hotel perkasa kundasang)

@ kundasang war memorial, located exactly behind kundasang town

was eagerly to go to desa farm, but hubby said the road there was bad.. well, he luv'd our car a little lesser than me n nadira, so we didn't went to d farm.. nvm, it'll b listed as our next visit to kundasang.. will add another location to for next time.. such as Kinabalu Pine Resort, also Mesilau.. can't wait for nadira growing up! ;) n finally having our lunch @ kenny roger's, 1-borneo

nadira was so happy d entire day.. so with us.. ;))

Saturday, November 20, 2010

before n after 1

yup.. dis r few photos of nadira's bday preparation.. juz to share how excited we were for nadira 1st bday;))

n dis 1, was after d party.. hehe.. open up nadira's bday gifts n calculating how much $ she got.. hehe.. guess wat? it was RM750.. hehe.. at least, got a lil' balik modal;))