Monday, November 14, 2011

time off on friday

being so stress lately.. so decided to leave all d things behind n bring nadira 2 manikar beach resort while hubby's @ kk..

nadira was totally excited as dis is her 1st vacation (mini vacation i guess - 2 days 1 nite)

we arrived @ d resort @ 2.40pm while hubb's flight from kk arrived @ 3.10pm. @ 1st he was so angry wit me, but dis what is what i shud hav after a long stressfull months..

d beach n pool view from our room;))

n about 3.30pm hubby arrived n started 2 'pujuk' me back.. haha..
then after resting in d room, we had our late lunch @ d restaurant..

nadira's playing @ d playground while waiting 4 d food 2 b served..

after lunch, happy;))

after dat we went 2 d pool.. it was nadira's 1st.. she was so scared @ 1st. but then excitedly playing wit d water;))

then, we stayed @ d room resting all nite long..

d nex morning, woke up early as usual then getting ready 4 d complimentary bfast..

hubby n nadira still @ bed while i'm getting ready..

our bfast..

then, i went to d spa 4 facial.. d service was average but d price quite expensive than normal, i guess since it was located @ a resort.. service 3-star n d spa is 2-star..

me after d facial n massage(just d face, hands n shoulder).. a little fresh.. d beautician said my skin was having no problem but only few whiteheads.. she said as clean as baby skin.. haha.. thank God i was pregnant, if not.. my face will b fulled of whiteheads ;p

later, made a walk @ d pool side n beach.. then packed our stuff b4 going home.. ;))

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Thursday, November 10, 2011


again.. stress came into my life.. hubby left us @ lbuan 4 1 nite juz to attend his fren's wedding @ kk. he asked me last nite, n i was.. speechless.. actually what is in his mind? i barely knew him now.. i keep on telling myself thing's getting harder.. 4 me n nadira, n d worst me.. leaving us juz 2 meet his friend. i dun felt he's makes us his priority now, n since d 'matter' happened..

i'd hardly taking care of myself now.. n yesterday @ school i was hardly breathed.. d doc said my tummy need 2 relax esp after eating. juz dunno what will happen 2 d little 1.. still worried 4 nadira 4 her bronchiolitis n her hateness 4 going @ d nanny's hse..

hardly 2 pay attention rite now.. lots of work need 2 b done @ school.. but seems my thoughts r not into it.. worried what will happen 2 me n nadira in d future:(

what actually a man 1 in his life? mayb we'r juz dun meant 2 b any longer.. juz pray 4 d best..

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Monday, November 7, 2011

eidul adha emergency

@ 1st planned 2 spend time wit hubby during d festive. though he's working on dat day. but after nadira's sickness ( more than a week coughing, sometimes throwing up @ nite bcoz of her cough ), me n nadira had 2 go back 2 kk 2 meet d specialist. i've called 4 an appointment with dr liaw, smc. but he's only available on tuesday ( sunday - eidul adha n monday - public holiday ). did thought 4 seeing dr chan ( damai ), dr soon ( luyang ) or dr june ( lintas jaya ), but hubby insist to hav dr liaw 4 nadira.

eidul adha morning, arrived @ kk. then went 2 kg papas, to meet my mom's big family.

n yesterday, me n nadira went 2 shopping @ parkson, wawasan plaza. actually i'm planning 2 get a blouse, hijjab n sandalls 4 d school's dinner on d 16th. n get nadira a new bottle, wet tissue n mayb a garment. but finally..

bought nadira a pair of crocs shoes.. @ 1st, made her tried a brown-pink shoes, but they r thight.. nadira cried when i put them down.. then i had her dis 1, though a slightly bigger, she was so xcited walking in it..

got myself a pair of crocs too.. ;))

nadira also had a mickey mouse club 3d dining set..

so, will wear anything 4 d dinner. mayb our raya attire. yup, i'm bringing nadira n also my cousin, farah, 2 d dinner. hubby's not available coz working dat nite. can't wait to ebd d school term.. 1 2 stay @ kk, hav appointment with dr felice ( my previous G&O ).. really worried 4 my baby since i'm not taking care myself well dis time.. then, will do a lot of shopping 4 her ;)) d doc @ membedai clinic said mayb it's a girl.. so juz wait til my 4d scan, mayb will do it @ labuan.. y not @ kk? coz we'r juz leaving labuan 4 d school holiday on d 25th. hubby's going with us, since his bridegroom on our weddibg day, is getting married on d 26th @ kota marudu.. i'm xcited 4 d journey coz it'll b 1st time going there;))

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