Sunday, June 9, 2013

may 2013

me, nadira n arissa got d chance 2 go back 2 kk from 29th until 2nd of june. 

did some shopping 4 d kids' diapers, formula milk n mothercare socks 4 nadira n d toilettries. 

but d intention is 2 attend a family member's wedding. Nelly Sofiza Datuk Hj Dr. Yusof with her fiance Mohd. Noh wedding. nelly was my cousin, lynda, from her mom side. as i'm lynda's cousin from her dad side. her father is my daddy's 'lil brother ;)) not 4getting nelly also a best friend 4 my cousin, nurul. as nelly's mom also a best friend to nurul's mom. haha.. what a family relation ;p

watched nelly's performance @ sunshine kindergarten during her preschool yrs. she's d same school with nurul. still remembered our big PHB family was supporting nurul on her graduation day. hehe.. now every1's getting married n of coz getting older ;p

d solemnisation ceremony happened on d 31st while d reception in on d 1st of june. 

b4 n during d solemnisation ceremony.. really a grand wedding ;)

us ;))

my mom n dad doing d 'adat merenjis' ;)

then got d chance 2 meet my long time fren, munirah. we'r frens since form 1, also roommates during d yr. n also classmate until form 3 as remembered ;p 
quite close to her mom n sisters too ;)) 

us wit my cousin lynda n d bride, nelly ;))

after d ceremony, there was karaoke session 4 d families ;))
nadira didn't like d loud voice from d sound-system. so she n my dad waited outside d ballroom b4 we went home dat nite.

n arissa was having her sleep after tired running happily @ d ballroom lobby earlier ;))

d next day, on d 31st, visited d in-laws. my SIL, hubby's sis was there with her 3 children, not 4 getting their cousin, kak linda, wit her 2 kids. so it was quite happening ;))

d nex day, watching cartoons tru' d day while waiting 4 nelly's wedding reception @ magellan sutera ballroom..
nadira n arissa ;))

dedik n canyang ;))

n dat nite wedding reception..

hanging ribbons as decoration 4 d 'pelamin'. really creative ;)) it was a simply done but d lighting made it grand n happening ;)

d ribbons as decoration again ;))

rest-a-side after happily running @ d lobby ;p

during dinner banquet ;)

luv'd d male singer's voice.. they'r a band from bandung, indonesia.

nadira was not in d mood 4 any pic after d ceremony ended ;p

met my primary school fren, alam, had been classmate in yr 6 as remembered. n mayb in yr 5 n 5 too.. already forgotten ;p

n it's time to-fly-back 2 lbn d next day, on d 2nd..

bye2 kk city.. until we meet again.. will b missing u ;p

-p/s nadira got gifts from her aunty girl (she was in jb @ d moment).. story books  - cinderella, farm stories n puss in boots ;))

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

teacher's day 2013

at skbk's level, d teacher's day was celebrated with lots of activities n d most happening n grand with the banquet lunch ;))

a week b4 dat, bowling tournament was held @ financial park.

teacher's day celebration :

in d morning, there was futsal-wears-sarong tournament. my team was no 4 rank from 10 teams. haha..

then, there was contest of d teachers' group performance. 

here our meeting room being decorated as a banquet hall. so pretty with pink n purple theme ;))

n finally gifts from d pupils ;))

was so happy tru' d day ;))