Sunday, May 30, 2010

1 of my hobby became 1 of my work task..

yup.. 1 of my hobby was playing hockey. started playing during form 3. thanx to cikgu azmi, cikgu roshdee n cikgu jalil. they'r d 1 who were d 1st trained me.. played as MIDDLE DEFEND until form 5. then during my 1st year in USM, i played another position LEFT WING, really have to run a lot dis time. hehe.. got d chance trained by Penang coach.. n d last time i played was in 2004.. dat was my history of playing hockey..

n now.. became a coach to under 12 years hockey team.. n their rank up til now :
1) kk level - girls ( 1st ) , boys ( 2nd )
2) west coast division level - girls ( automatically have to represent west coast ) , boys ( 1st ) : 3 boys n 7 girls from my team were chosen to play 4 d division n state level.
3) state level - girls ( 3rd ) , boys ( 2nd )
4) national level - d championship will b held on dis coming 7-13th june in kl, n 3 of my girls were chosen 2 play 4 sabah team.

hopefully i will still get d chance 2 involve in hockey once tranfer 2 labuan.. luv dis kind of sports;))

Monday, May 24, 2010

my precious one, Alana Nadira, turns 8 months on 23.5.2010! yippie;D

bz playing wit her new toy.. fisher price phone..
pinky dress.. i bought dis earlier b4 nadira was born;))
nadira : mama, i hav 2 teeth.. yeah!
nadira : yippie!

nadira was actively playing her toys, shouting out loud, dancing when hear 'No Body' ( by Wonder Girls - korean pop girl band ), loves kicking, throwing things.. etc. n our previous activities.. pose @ my macbook photobooth.. hehe.. --> pls see below:

mama : nadira, let's do fierce face..
nadira : wee..
mama : now count 1..
nadira : how to do 1 finger?
nadira : huh.. it's hard..
mama : count 3 nadira..
nadira : i'm trying..
mama : now count 5 nadira..
nadira : will do that next time..

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

coming 8 months old..

she cannot sit by her own yet. but she show interest in it. doing sit up as trying to sit from lying on bed. no crawling signs yet either. she can stand leaning on something but doesn't hold on herself. but at the same time she can wave bye bye and has really good fine motor skills - like picking small things up with her finger and thumb, switching hands when holding things n loves banging her toys together;P. n she's starting showing her anger when she can't get what she wants, or have to wait for things she wants. really loves imitate what people around her doing things, as chewing, smiling, clapping, knocking, talking etc..

now, she has 2 teeth on upper gum.. no wonder she had fever last saturday. dis is her 3rd time for having fever. poor nadira.. n still got sneezy n runny nose til now.. i got her new toys as dis sunday will b her 8 months old. can't wait to see her sitting, standing n walking. then i have someone to accompany me shopping;)).

Thursday, May 13, 2010

nadira's start waving;))

yes.. nadira's starting to imitate people waving.. n she likes to make funny faces too.. n also more manja. now she's 7 months n 3 wks. can't wait to see more about her to come;P.. tooth? not yet. but she likes eating banana n papaya. she'll make happy face when eating them..

my hubby will b back to kk on d 3rd. then we drive to labuan on d 6th. then me n nadira will b back to kk on d 14th by flight. hopefully d car dealing will run smoothly.. yes.. we getting a new car.. it's a recon toyota wish. 1 wish from my wish list is going to be happen. yeah! next? most probably getting a house.. still surveying d location n price. really 1 2 hav a terrace house, end or intermediate unit.

i'm not feeling well dis few days. having flu, sore throat, headache n also coughing.. huhu.. felt so uncomfortable.. hopefully to get well very soon.. really dun 1 nadira to b affected with me. i rather sick than having her sick.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

i need a break!

mm.. so tired.. finally d hockey training ended as it was d last day on 1st may 2010. it was Labour day, but i'm still working.. huhu... nvm.. as long as i did something good. hehe.. training d kids was tiring, but still excited as they're going to sandakan for d state hockey championship. hope they did well there!

i just got d time to had my facial treatment dis afternoon, but also rushing to fetch nadira b4 3pm as her nanny is going out. only little sunburn left on my cheeks. hopefully they heal soon ;)).

got my period last wednesday after 7 months n 5 days of nadira's birth. few of my cholics had their period after just 1-3 months. n my period only last for 3 days. felt awkward, since my former period last to 5-8 days.

as for nadira, she begun moving forward with her walker. n she will cry if there's no 1 watching beside her. so i had to entertain her all the time except during her sleep.. huh..very 'manja'.. beloved grandchild in d family ;P

haha.. that was summary of my recent activities n nadira's update. dis week bz wit updating d pupils' info, then next week had to prepare d exam question papers, as d sem 1 exam will starts on 18th may. n after dat, end of d month will go to labuan again. 2 weeks stay dis time. need to have a long break. but, can i? need 2 take care nadira, with no help from my family. hubby? huhu.. bz with his game playing. mm.. nadira, cepatla besar. mama tiada kawan mau kemas2, jln2 shopping;P