Friday, June 12, 2015

Dayana Izzati's Engagement & Wedding Day

Assalamulaikum.. it has been a while from my late post. 

well, it's a post about my big family event. Dayana Izzati binti Zainudin was my cousin from my mom's family side (my mom's younger sister's daughter). we're about 4 years of age gap. not too close to her as she was living in Labuan and KL before getting back in KK during our primary school years.
here she was😊 a very fair beautiful lady👰

her engagement day was on the December 20th, 2014, during last year's school holiday.

and later in 2015, more of the May 1st's morning event, 'Khatam Al-Quran' Ceremony photos with beloved PHB's family members😁

and later the evening the Solemnization Ceremony and also the 'Berinai' Ceremony :
the solemnization had took place @ Putatan Mosque.. not far from my Aunt Jaidah house. she was wearing the purple garment.
some from the PHB family members👭
from behind - L : babang, lalan (my 'lil bro), bibi (dayana's 'lil bro), azam
from front - L : my hubby, wan (our mom's youngest bro, uncle du (dayana's youngest uncle from her dad side), uncle mail (our mom's younger brother) & zakwan (dayana's youngest bro)
the newly-wed couple💑

me, myself with arissa, nadira and my sister, girl, giving a pose @ the 'pelamin'🎎
thanks to my sis-in-law, ica, for the beautiful make-up💄

on May 2nd, was held the Reception Ceremony @ my Aunt Jaidah's house.

the alana's family with the newly-wed couple❤️
my parents 🎎

from my IG : luvalana82
wefie with girl, my sis, our cousin, nana & lalan's gf😄

finally, ootd of the day😅 also make-up by my sis-in-law, ica☺️
so-in-love with naelofar hijab instant shawl right now😍 chic & basic (dusty pink) and glam women (caramel)😇

my peplum kurung dress..
nadira's jubah dresses

arissa was wearing dresses from mothercare. a very rushing-short time-shopping an eve before the wedding ceremony 😅

our garments most probably will be used again for raya garments.. well, we'll see if i've got a time to prepare for syawal 2016. huhu.. lots of thing to be prepared especially financially. both of our car need to be serviced to by june-july 💸 

hopefully the newly-wed will be living happily forever until jannah. 👰💍amin.. huhu.. what a very late post.. well, better late than never😎