Tuesday, June 29, 2010

stress? yes.. do shopping.. yippie;))

got problem with wifi @ home.. dunno why can't get connected when using mac os.. huhu..dun like using windows.. really missed blogging.. haha;P it was since thursday as i remembered..

really felt stressed out today. last friday i have to last minute took leave coz nadira's nannny have to go to her hometown @ papar as her grandmom was passed away in early morning d same day. i guess it was only for a day or two.. but it became more than a week.. i skipped d saturday 'pupils report card day', had another leave on monday. and guess wat.. juz another 1 day leave for dis year.. argh... went to school dis morning.. felt so irritated. some of d teacher talk @ my back.. as usual they juz jealous or felt unhappy if some1 didn't go to school.. hello.. i have to take care 4 my lil' baby.. as no 1 can take care of her @ d moment. luckily hubby's @ home since sunday. so dis morning n 2morow he'll taking care of nadira. but he's leaving on wednesday noon.. meaning on thusday, friday n saturday i need some1 to baby sit nadira.. huhu.. got few offer @ school, few teacher wanted to look after nadira when i'm in class. but nadira stranger anxiety was so high.. mm..

need to negotiate wit d boss tomorow.. dis thing really makes me stress.. can't rely on my family.. they're bz wit their own life. malas mo cerita sini.. nnti ada lg yg tersinggung..
so, juz ignore to get help from their side.. mm.. wat matter happens, must off from school dis 3 days.. nadira was so fussy, so i can't bring her to work.. surely she'll cry all-day @ work..

the end with d story.. now d better story.. shopping.. haha.. dis 3 days.. went shopping n dining during evening time.. went to suria, having early dinner meal @ kenny rogers yesterday n today went to 1-borneo, bought some make up item.. since hubby got body kit for his mpv, so i got myself face kit.. haha.. got MAC items such as prime liquid base, compact powder wit case, mascara, 2 eyeshadow, eyeliner, lip conditioner, cleansing oil.. shopping makes me happy.. cheer up a little for today;))

hopefully dis week will end quite good.. can't stand d pressure from talk-back environment. really can't understand them.. why do taking care own child @ home was such a big thing.. this is emergency matter. n i have rights when things happen dis way.. now i really understand why it's hard for being a teacher, seems like ur life is for others, not for u or ur family..

Sunday, June 20, 2010

back to school..

it's been a while since my last post.. mm.. back to school again next week. spending a lot of time wit nadira.. n hardly 2 finish my pupil's exam papers marking. alhamdulillah, finished marking all 14 classes dis morning. started d marking since early school break.. sigh..

mm.. wanna share nadira's latest pics.. taken last friday. she really luvs to watch cartoons, tv commercials, everything with children voice n sound of music.. hehe.. example - tv3 commercials. n sometimes she'll sing-a-long too..

n through d school break, manage to online window shopping. n guess wat, i bought 2 garments for nadira. 1 carter's jumpsuit with footie, n 1 romper dress also from carter's. n also booked 3 more jumpsuits with footie, as 2 bought for nadira n 1 is for my fren's boy, aiman. wonder if he fits it, as he's a chubby 7 month old baby boy. hehe..

been searching 4 things to buy for dis coming raya n soon labuan life. hehe..like confirm i'm transfering.. hopefully i will.. searching n surveying for my raya shawls, nadira's dress n shoes, corelle dish set, tupperware items, n also iphone 4. yes.. i can't hardly wait to have 1. maxis said they'll have it in september. but i'm dying like.. NOW.. to have 1. mm.. seems like have to wait..

off to take my shower.. will have a long bz nite 2nite, need 2 complete my lesson plan for d whole june classes. i've been skipping it since early june due to my busyness for teacher day celebration, exam week... bla2.. hehe..

Thursday, June 10, 2010

new pic of nadira.. 8 months 2 wks n 4 days old..

pic during shopping with mama n abah @ 1-borneo hypermall last saturday.. as i got 2 pairs of charles n keith sandalls.. yeah;)) ( nadira n hubby did their shopping on friday )
nadira's taking her nap, while we having lunch @ secret recipe.. we were eating until fulled.. after dat, heading home n nadira only woke up when we entered d car. so she had her lunch in d car ( i've prepared her lunch earlier from home ).
taking nuril, nadira's cousin ( my sis-in-law's daugher ) sitting on a little merry-go-round..
put nadira on d merry-go-round thing, but she turned to cry.. huhu.. nex time la..

after 8 months 2 wks n 4 days old.. nadira..

loves to :
1) being pampered most of d time.. well, cucu kesayangan.. every 1 in d house will exchange pampering her.. hehe.. but still had to leave the room to go to the bathroom, then she'll cry piteously. even do some washing @ d kitchen or bathroom, she'll whine n cry until we come back for her.
2) play with her hands ( cross her fingers, clapping, waving )
milestone :
1) prefer mobile phone, astro tv remote control n RM5 than her toys.. haha..
2) sitting ( still need support )
3) baby talk ( esp when people talking on d phone, having conversation )
4) kiss ( with her mouth open.. haha.. )

n today's pic..nadira : watcha doing mama?
nadira : uuhh.. facebooking n online window shopping..
mama : hehe;P

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

visiting labuan ( drove from kk )

day 1 (6th of june) :
me, my hubby, nadira n my sis-in-law lil' family went to labuan by driving tru' menumbok ( via ferry ). 7 hrs of long journey. 5pm from home - fetch my sis-in-law n family, 6pm- drove to menumbok, 7.30pm - waited 4 d ferry, 10.50pm - depart from d jetty, 11.50pm - arrived @ labuan. so..so.. tired. with nadira's crying while waiting @ menumbok, really made me stress..

day 2 (7th of june):
mm.. hubby n nadira got fever.. while me having flu.. huhu.. more stressful now.. as nadira became so fussy.. she refuses to sleep, waiting 4 me n hubby to pamper her til sleep. then she insists to be entertained the whole time. aiyak.. feeling really hard.. as we need 2 do d house chores.. so nadira will cry out loud when we'r doing d chores.. i guess d whole apartment bock heard her crying.. huhu.. then i need to brought her to d kitchen, let her sit outside d bathroom ( in her walker ) while i'm washing n hanging her clothes.. feeling so helpless.. both me n hubby.. huhu..

day 3 (8th of june):
n guess wat? in d morning, hubby said it's better 4 us 2 go back home. nadira's mood really didn't suit d labuan environment ( hubby house, our sickness.. ). so we bought d flight ticket @ 3.30pm in d evening.. then do some chocolate shopping. @ 6pm hubby drove us 2 d airport. check-in @ 7pm n boarding @ 8.00pm. n now, n nadira juz got back to kk.. flight @ 8.30pm. huhu..

nothing done in labuan.. n also no sight-seeing pic.. only pic of me n nadira in d car.. huhu..

in d car b4 flight to kk ( tired n sleepy nadira, while me.. having 2 large pimples on d cheeks;P )

Monday, June 7, 2010

i never knew..

hmm.. i never knew i had few ppl likes 2 read my blog.. thanx ppl;)).. usually juz few my frens from high school, university n hubby's frens read it.. haha.. dis msg is from my facebook account:

hye sis,thanks for approving me,well its kinda strange msg u here,we dont even know each other =) well urm i started reading ur blog since last year if im not mistaken,i loves reading ur blog about 'alana',sometimes i might smiles alone while reading ur blog,it is just a great post about ur daily routine.

keep in touch then! hope to see more posts soon,send my regards to baby alana,she is sweet =)

take care of urself sis and so do nadira.

-tira ♥

actually doing journal was my hobby since primary school years. starting from yr 4 or 5 as i remembered. back then, i only writes in a diary book. n write everyday activities. but as time flies, juz write important journal ( admiring boys, happy, sad times, about feelings n heart d most.. hehe.. i've secretly admiring boys.. i'm a quiet person in d old days ;P ). n now, blogging about ALANA.. ( alan, nana, nadira ). sometimes dun hav d time 2 blog, as life was quite bz wit school work, school activities, parenting nadira.. etc..

anyway.. thanx 4 following my blog. nothing special actually. but i really appreciate it;))

Friday, June 4, 2010

yeah! going around d city..

went to many places since yesterday.. well it's been such a long time i did d real shopping. usually juz do shop 4 groceries, toiletries n baby necessity. n last nite went to buy cooking stuff 4 hubby's house @ signature, karamunsing since need 2 prepare nadira's food (last time we went to labuan, nadira was only 5 months. she didn't started her weaning yet). n went to lintas, juz 2 buy yoyo's drinks. hehe.. my hubby crave 4 it;P

then today.. went to kid avenue, kk times square n got nadira's new cloth book.. then went 2 suria sabah.. i'm surveying nadira's carseat. which i'm still thinking wether it's worth to buy or not. usually carseat can be use up til 4 yrs old. mm.. we had early diner on 5pm @ kenny roger's n nadira really luvs their smashed potatoes. got my hubby a new shirt, as it 40% discount 4 east india garment @ metrojaya. didn't hav d time 2 buy garment 4 me as nadira has poop n we need 2 change her immediately n heading home coz she was sleepy already.

2morow as plan, we'r going 2 1-borneo hypermall, i 1 2 do some sandalls n garments shopping. yeah!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

fever again.. (pt. 2)

it has been 3 days now 4 nadira fever.. n 2 nite wit lack of sleep.. i was really tired.. her temperature always changes. sometime high, n sometime normal.. her mood 2.. sometime hyper n happy n sometime moody n very fussy.. makes me felt so stress. wit hockey championship state level sponsorship, exam papers marking, preparation 4 visiting labuan.. all in my head @ once.. i really2 need a vacation.. need 2 relax my mind.. when will d time comes? huhu.. mayb doing some shopping when hubby come home will help a bit.. ;P

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

fever again..

huhu.. last nite was a tiring nite 4 me.. nadira was having fever n @ d same time discomfort gums.. dis is d 4th time she's having fever. starting saturday nite,she got fever. i brought her 2 d clinic on yesterday morning. doctor said her fever quite high. so she got 'sponge'. d doctor ask her nurse to wipe nadira's body with wet towel. nadira was crying totally loud ( when we came out form d doc's room, every1 outside were looking @ us ). dis morning, d fever was gone but still she cried 4 feeling uncomfortable. hopefully she'll b ok soon;|