Thursday, September 23, 2010

happy 1st birthday alana nadira!

2nd day..
2nd month..
3rd month..
4th month..
5th month..
6th month..
7th month..
8th month..
9th month..
10th month..
11th month..

omg.. my lil' princess is turning 1.. she was born @ 9.30 am on 23rd sept 2009.. n it was 4th syawal. so lots of things happened n becoming parents gave us a new beginning of life.. need a lot of patience once having a baby.. n now a toddler ;)).. how time flies so fast.. n now my lil' family will always come 1st.. luv alana ( alan + nana + nadira )..

as days of being parents to alana nadira.. hope we will live happily in future n 2nd baby? will wait for it.. haha.. insyaAllah murah rezeki ;))

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

a big girl of mine..

yesterday during shopping our garments for nadira's birthday party, we do some groceries shopping @ city mall's giant. n luckily nadira had d mood to sit in d trolley, usually she won't ;P

n today, juz noticed pics of nadira inside hubby's fon.. some pics i'd never saw them b4.. she's turning a big girl now.. still remember how it was as having her inside my womb, d day having her into me hubby's life, holding her for d 1st time, feeding her.. etc.. huhu.. how time flies so fast..

u'r d angel of mama n abah.. mmuahhh!;))

birthday bash

yes.. nadira's 1st birthday was juz around d corner.. last week me n hubby bought nadira her 1st birthday present during raya shopping.. wat is it?
surprise.. hehe..

done few sketches for nadira's party design.
n 1st i did order birthday package items from but guess wat? she's terribly bz n got lots of design order. so, i turned to another party package designer, she's miss amie from here was it:

1) door sign ( welcome board )
2) birthday banner (happy 1st birthday alana nadira)
3) birthday girl hat
4) 12 months photo banner
5) e-invitation card

can't wait to see all d items, she said will do d postage today;)).. as me n hubby we truly excited for d birthday bash, we went shopping yesterday for our garments (to wear during d party).. poyo! haha.. nadira will wear a simple cute pinkish romper, while me n hubby will wear simple nike's white tshirts;))

now d menu of food.. still in discussion wit my mom.. as she'll cook for it. but i'll prepare all d expenses. really would like to eat nasi ayam n soto for d party;).. now juz few things left to b prepared:

1) birthday cake
2) balloons n decos
3) menus of food (main course, deserts, drinks)

can't wait for d party ;D

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

eidul fitri 2010

finally got a free time to do my blogging ;P.. hubby went out to meet his old frens.. n nadira? fall asleep.. hehe..

about dis year raya..

1st syawal:

hubby went to solat raya @ petagas, he went wit his dad. while me n nadira stayed @ atok udin's house (hubby's dad). i got d chance to eat buras (pulut bugis). last time, i ate it during my uni years, back @ usm. it was long time ago.. hehe.. below r some pics taken on d day..

then we went to my mom's home town @ membakut. we reached there @ 11am. nadira was quite happy to see all her aunts n uncles, also grannies. well she's d 7th great grand child from my mom's family. but there's a lot of babies, since i got lots of baby cousins.. hehe.. we didn't stayed long.. since we'r avoiding driving @ nite n d rain...

2nd syawal :

arrived @ papar around 4pm. ate lots of food. nasi campur, soto, satay n laksa.. haha.. got really fulled.. with delicious food.. here nadira was being fussy.. juz want 2 stay wit me.. huhu.. mmg penat raya ni, jln jauh, lyn perangai nadira lg..

3rd syawal:

went to pimping, membakut during d evening.. in d morning, bz doing d laundry, cleaning d house n helped hubby cooked nadira's porridge.. well i'm not into cooking.. so just being a helper.. haha.. will study a lot about cooking when i have my own kitchen.. ;))

my 1st cousin (from my dad's family) was having her 'antat berian' ceremony. d ceremony was being held after zohor, but we only managed arriving there @ 2.30pm.. well need time to rest during d afternoon..

nadira was in d mood too.. playing n eating a lot.. during 4pm we went to my bapa tua's house (my mom's dad). it was traffic jam from beaufort-membakut-benoni-papar highway. so we stayed a while to avoid d jam. juz drove back to kk @ 7pm.

it was tiring 3 days of raya.. huhu..

Thursday, September 9, 2010

sept 2010 labuan trip

last sunday me n nadira went to labuan, as on monday me n hubby had appointment with d laywer of spnb for signing d S&P agreement( we bought our house from spnb ). d flight was on 0705, so i woke up as usual 4am then start packing. also prepared nadira's breaskfast as we'll arrive in labuan about 0735. we arrived @ hubby's house around 0815 coz we went to d town 1st to buy my breakfast.. hehe.. yup, i didn't fast as need to feed nadira from early morning. n i didn't fast few days back as whenever i felt really tired, having gastric, headache n dizzy, i'll break my fast;P.. well, i was tired n lost lot of water by talking n teaching in class, pumping d BF n also feeding nadira..

back to d house matter, here's d front view of d house. not as thought in my mind before.. looks like 'cikai2' or truly simple of front elevation of a intermediate terrace house. so need some adjustment later (already included in my future task.. hehe;P). now will focus of d interior 1st..

o ya.. nadira was so happy for visiting labuan again.. less crying n she luv to be pampered by her abah;)) here r some pics during waiting @ kkia:

juz on d 8th, we went back home to kk. dis time abah drove us to kk. d ferry was scheduled on 0730, n as usual only leaving labuan @ 0800.. we arrived @ menumbok on 0930. d road to kk was kind of jammed. so many cars heading to kk. we stopped @ atok udin's house 1st(abah's dad). feeding nadira her lunch then we drove to seri gaya(bapa tua's house- my dad's house). yup..dis raya we'r celebrating @ kk. mayb during 1st n 2nd day raya's evening we'll go to membakut for visiting my mom's family. d rest, just staying in kk waiting for ppl's invitation for their 'open house'.. haha.. mayb next year we'll be having our own 'open house'..;P