Saturday, July 21, 2012

we'r back ;))

alhamdulillah.. we'r back @ kk again 4 shopping ;)) yup, it's 4 raya;)) though not sure yet when we'r coming home 4 raya coz hubby's working from d 1st 'til d 4th day of raya, n surely no more lbn-menumbok ferry ticket. flite? checked.. n rm442 4 3 of us only. hubby's not sure if he's going 2 kk 4 raya or not.. well, we can't go 2 his hometown @ semporna again dis yr (as he was working 2 last raya).. mayb nex yr ;))

we've reached @ kk via 9am flite on saturday..

n will going back home 2 lbuan on sunday @ 2.40pm..

here r our catches of d day ;))

mama's new perfume.. flora by gucci.. bought @ labuan airport.. abah also got new perfume from mama, black by hugo boss ;))

nadira's new garments 4 raya.. mothercare jeans, dress n sandalls ;))

while arissa's, t-shirts n leggings.. still look fwd 2 find her turqoise dress;))

arissa's new toys.. teethers n minnie plush;))

n @ nite shopping, it's 4 mama;))

bought sk-2 fte n clear lotion n got free of d mini sk2;))

Guess handbag 4 raya;))

vincci sandalls..

cotton on blouse..

N finally do shop 4 d house;))

cushion covers, L - 4 big cushions, n R - small cushion

also bought some toilettries, stationaries.. so later otw back home @ lbn juz hav 2 buy 'sungkai' @ iftar food only ;))

can't wait 2 hav new tupperware items 2.. esp d raya cookies jars;p i'm planning 2 do some of d cookies myself, but need 2 get a microwave (which can do oven job) 1st..

arissa n nadira also got souvenirs from their bapa tua n mama tua's umrah journey.. jubah n dresses;))

L - nadira's n R - arissa's ;))

we'll b back 2 kk again 4 raya insyaAllah ;))

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