Tuesday, June 28, 2011

happy but sad..

now almost a month @ labuan.. i'm missing kk a lot..

1st time for nadira on a speed boat ;p (31.5.2011)


otw to labuan (11.6.2011). our mpv was packed with half of our stuff. half still @ kk.

nadira's 1st time to d beach (24.6.2011).

really hard 4 me 2 start a new life here. esp 'bout working n being a mom n doing all d house chores @ d same time. happy but sad, coz happy our 'lil family living 2gether now n sad 4 not having any close frens, n hav 2 start from almost zero here. hopefully everything will b ok soon;))

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Location:labuan f.t.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

transfer (pt. 2)

being a bit worried for completing all d left over jobs.. from lesson plan, filing updating, exam paper checking etc.. n not forgetting pack all d stuff 2 bring 2 labuan..

pic during speed boat journey 2 labuan

stayed @ labuan last week 4 report duty, home management. n guess wat.. d administrator doesn't giv a damn 4 xtra leave dat i asked 4.. well, hubby will b away 4 a week during d 1st wk of school started.. n i need 2 find a nice day care centre 4 nadira n transport 4 me 2 get 2 work. but she'd ignored 4 my request. hopefully she's treating all d same way.. or juz me? since i'm new 2 d place.. well, seems like i shud do d same? haha.. we'll c..

now juz 1 2 settle all d jobs.. n happily going 2 labuan dis saturday.. d hse was getting better.. done major cleaning.. only store room n drying area left 4 cleaning. luckily my sis-in-law will joining us in 1-2 wks since hubby will b away.

really hope dat our new home will b ready 4 dis coming raya. can't wait to decorate d interior.. ;D

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