Wednesday, February 13, 2013

a part of me.. again..

"there's tonnes of things u can do wit us,but u prefer not's hurting me each time..guess i juz need 2 shut myself n bleed in silence.."

another sad quote by luvalana

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a part of me

" 2 luv sum1, u had 2 sacrifice sumthin n 2 accept wat u didn't like or hate..

n 2 liv wit sum1, u had 2 sacrifice ur life. either it'll b appreciated or not..

sumtime i'd thought i've taken d wrong path, n sumtime d best 1..
n sumtime dunno whether wat's wrong or rite..

luv is great when it brings happiness, but will kills u when u'r wit sum1 but feels empty n alone..

so guess.. juz move on n keep on living coz we didn't know when we'll stop breathing.. "

quote by luvalana

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arissa's turning a 1 yr old ;))

arissa recently ;))

arissa's turning 12 months old in 2 wks time and has been keeping me really busy… not 4getting another active 1, nadira..

arissa's health, diet n feeding :

she has been drinking anmum formula milk step 1 since birth 'til 6 months old n now taking d step 2 milk.

4 her solid meals, she has been trying a lot baby's food. from home-cooked porridge, smashed potato n fruits, rice dunked in soup, nestle instant porridge blue, yellow n now she really luvs 2 eat d nestle honey porridge 4 1 yr old toddler. been eating dis since her 9 months.

arissa's appetite also good, but she'll shout if she hav 2 wait 4 d food n will b quiet when her mouth is fulled ;p

arissa's nap / sleep time :

arissa continues to nap well, usually half an hour 2 1 hr each time in the morning n evening. but when she's not napping in d morning, it'll b xtra hrs of nap in d evening.

sumtime arissa's being fuss juz 2 b slept. n of coz must b sucking her bottle whenever she's sleeping. when she fusses at night, she could go back 2 sleep by changing her position, on her tummy, being patted, sucking her bottle or juz let her alone ; no bottle ;p

arissa's skin allergy :

since nadira started 2 hav her skin allergies, arissa was d same since las 2 wks. poor nadira still had some itchiness n redness on her legs. while arissa, she got redness n itchiness on her tummy, neck n back skin. we'll bring them 2 c dr. selva, since we haven't seen him a long time.

more of arissa's developmental milestones r :

she's getting more teeth, now 3 above n 2 below.

stand a lot nowadays ;))

a lot of baby talking 2..

n lots of arguement wit nadira ;p from playing wit toys, playing wit our iphones n also food dat we'r eating.. ;p

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

spring 2013 & shopping

we were back 2 kk on d 25th, via
ferry 2 menumbok. will b a week of medical visit, both 4 hubby n nadira.

our mpv from above..

hubby n nadira;))

me, hubby n nadira.. arissa was in d car, staying wit our maid. well, it was my 1st time going 2 d ferry guest deck.. huhu..

leaving labuan 4 a week. then we'd arrived @ kk during midnite..

o ya.. done a lil' shopping earlier dis month 4 nadira n arissa.. a part of our preparation 4 going back 2 kk ;)) both from dinney's minnie mouse garments..

visit d in-laws during morning n done shopping in d afternoon on d 26th.. went 2 sunny supermarket 4 some groceries, diapers also arissa n nadira's milk. toilettries @ guardian, krmunsing. not 4getting window shopping 4 iphone 5. yup, still thinking 2 buy iphone 5 or macbook pro. huhu.. my laptop is nearly 'hangkang'. very slow n looked so old ;p

our catches of d day :

nadira's minnie mouse drinking cup from guardian ;)) it's so unique.. mayb won't use it 4 drinking, juz 4 room deco ;p

mothercare's 2pcs-maxi wit legging 4 nadira, 2pcs-sleeveless 4 arissa n d toilettries set wit baby oil.

d toilettries set consist of baby lotion, baby shampoo, baby bubble bath, baby nappy cream n baby mild soap.

nadira got a gift from her aunty girl, a lovely cardigan. it's 4 5yrs old size n only rm10 @ JB. my lil' sis such a great shopper. she can purchase a really great bargain, nice look wit cheap price. huhu.. so-not-like-me :((

on d 27th, went 2 cp 4 stationaries shopping, facial treatment n haircut.

my last facial treatment @ yin yin, now known as herbaline facial spa was in 2011. b4 getting pregnant n giving birth of arissa ;p same wit d haircut. after got a maid, life bcome a lot of xtra time 4 myself. alhamdulillah;))

their new shoplot was @ 5th flr. las time it was on palm sq, 4th flr.

also bought this from them, deep moisturizing cream n C & E vitamin oil ;))

after my hair cut, went 2 pacific ngiu kee n saw a minnie mouse pool. bought it 4 arissa. o ya, went 2 speedy vdo also 2 buy nadira's minnie mouse dvd.

arissa's minnie mouse pool..

nadira's dvd..

n finally, arissa's early bday gift ;))

pool rm99.99 n balls rm36.90 as remembered ;))

arissa had taken her bath, so nadira play wit it 1st ;))

during nite time, went 2 my fren's house @ tmn sempelang tg aru, which she has bought something 4 arissa earlier.

it was ikea baby chair wit tray. Qming bought them earlier during end yr sale @ ikea. still didn't how much they'd cost 4. will ask d price later from my fren;))

on d 28th 'til 30th, accompany hubby at damai specialist hospital. n continue more shopping on d 31st. buy more diapers n instant porridge 4 arissa from sunny supermarket.

then bought pieces of cakes @ secret recipe, perdana park. it was our 2nd visit here ;)

after dat went 2 parkson, wawasan plaza n bought my sk2 essence.

set of sk2's 75ml essence treatment, 40ml clear lotion n facial treatment mask 4 rm219.
then got rm50 voucher, so bought something 4 arissa n nadira.

arissa's minnie mouse pyjamas n nadira's pants.

n on 1st of feb, went 2 burger king putatan b4 went 2 in-law's house.

n hubby got d chance 2 change our mpv's number plats @ a nearest car accessories shop.

existing plats..

new looks ;))

n it's been twice we'd bought drinks from yoyo dis week. hubby really luv 2 drink pudding milky tea wit pearl sago, n as 4 me luvs 2 drink d pearl jelly honey drink.

my big bro, radzie, also taken few pics of nadira n arissa, n do instantly print d pics using a canon portable-wifi-small-printer..

will do a family potraiture sometime in march or may wit him. will adjuz d time wit my bro later ;))

it was a great spring time.. will visit kk again in mid yr 4 shopping esp 4 raya preparation ;))

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2013 kk medical visit pt. 2

1.2.13 - hubby's left leg.. dr. dharma change d dressing 2day.. n we manage 2 take its pic..

huhu.. scary rite.. d horizontal cut still bleeding a bit until now :| dr. dharma will meet hubby again @ polyclinic lbn on d 4th.

after d surgery, hubby needs 2 walk wit d help of pair of crutches. we bought it las yr @ a pharmacy near 2 my dad's hse. not 4getting 2 do few minor exercise 2 strengthen his leg back.

2.2.13 - as 4 nadira, her skin was getting much better.


after taking meds from lbn docs.. not recovering @ all..

after taking elken's med.. d itchiness n redness became less.

much better, after taken dr. indra's meds.. ;))

nadira will meet dr. indra again in early march. but most prob we'll b back in kk in mid of march, during school break ;))

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