Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy 5 months old our precious Alana Nadira.. ;))

it was nadira's 5 months on d 23rd. on d 24th will be my school's sports day. so will update about nadira later. was so bz lately 4 d sports day preparation..

Saturday, February 20, 2010

nadira's 1st time visiting labuan

me n my cutie pie, alana nadira went 2 labuan on d 13th n went back home 2 kk on d 19th feb 4 visiting my dear hubby.. thanx 2 petronas methanol labuan 4 d yearly free mas air ticket;))
bki-lbu mh3041 0705 was d flight. during d flight, able 2 c kampung air ( Water Village ) from above b2 landing. once arrived my hubby was already waiting @ d arrival gate. i gave nadira 2 my hubby n guess wat? nadira cries out loud. ppl around look @ them n i quickly take our baggage n ran 2 get nadira. cian my hubby..

these was my list 4 touring labuan :
1. The Chimney and d tunnel (hubby said it was haunted, so got 2 cancel dis 1)
2. Duty-Free Shops
3. Labuan Birds Park
4. World War II Memorial Park
5. Peace Park
6. Labuan Square
7. Surrender Point
8. Botanical Garden
9. Labuan Marine Park

day 1

saw a Chinese Temple near my hubby's apartment area on d way home. it was a tall building. i guess mayb 6-7 floor of height. 2day juz cleaning d house. hubby was already cleaned d bedroom n living room. so i help him clean d kitchen n d bathroom. since nadira's mood was bad, we stay @ home d whole day. hubby went 2 d supermarket n bought some groceries n we cooked 4 lunch n dinner.
day 2

my in-laws family was coming 2 labuan 2 by menumbok ferry. my sis-in-law's family came from tawau so my father-in-law's n my other sis-in-law's joined them 2 labuan. they arrived @ 12.30pm. on d way 2 d town, i saw d An’Nur Jamek Mosque ( wit futuristic design, i still luv architecture though had became a teacher. it was still my passion. dis mosque was built at a cost of US$11 million, i juz knew dis ).

we had our lunch @ kfc, n nadira cried out loud again. she was so manja n juz 1 me 2 hold her. went 2 d duty free shop 4 chocolate shopping ;)). all of d family including us stayed @ tiara hotel. on d way 2 d hotel, i saw d Labuan Square opposite 2 d post office n lawn bowl arena. hubby said he usually plays lawn bowl during his free time here few years back. i never knew dis.. mm.. i saw World War II Memorial, juz near d hotel.

we stayed @ 1 of d villa ( a bungalow wit 4 bedrooms ). hubby n d children swim @ d pool close 2 d villa. during d nite, had cancel 4 dinner @ anjung ketam since nadira was so fussy. only hubby n sis-in-law family went 4 dinner. hubby tapau d dinner 4 me. rice, butter cooked lobster n fish dish. nyum2..

day 3

my in-laws took d 8.30am ferry back 2 menumbok n then drive home 2 kk. we rest @ home n went 2 Labuan International Sea Sports Complex during d evening. we visit d labuan marin museum inside d complex. a small place n only few things 2 c.

after dat, went 4 chocolate shopping again. b4 going home, went 2 modern bazaar ( textile shop ) but quickly went in d car since nadira was hungry n i need 2 feed her. then hubby brought us 2 Panchor Hitam and Pantai Manikar juz 2 c d beach side. they are well maintained. clean n complete wit bbq facilities.

day 4

hehe.. shopping again. went 2 d textile shop area @ d morning n bought 3 pairs of baju kurung clothes 4 me n 1 baju melayu clothes 4 hubby. kain raya 4 dis year.. wit cream color theme ;)) luckily 2day, nadira starts 2 b nice 2 my hubby. now her abah able 2 hold n play wit her.. yeah ;))

during d evening, we fetch my lil brother @ d ferry terminal. he's coming from kk after d cny holiday. b4 sending him 2 kml ( kolej matrikulasi labuan ), i bought dinner from pizza hut @ Ujana Kewangan Complex.

day 5 n 6

stay @ home since hubby working ( day shift ). watching tv during nadira's nap. tried 2 feed nadira wit cereal n milk, but she didn't like it @ all.

day 7

went back home 2 kk. lbu-kk mh3042 0800. nadira was being good d whole morning;))

juz knew dat Labuan Museum was located near 2 d post office. planning 2 go 2 d Labuan Weekend Tamu ( held every Saturday and Sunday on Jalan OKK Awang Besar ). also d Marine Parks ( Pulau Rusukan Besar, Rusukan Kecil and Pulau Kuraman as reputed to be a world class fishing destination ) since hubby said d fishes here was big. not really like fishing, but i think it worth 2 try ;)). 4 dis visit, juz managed 2 visit few places @ labuan. really 1 2 c hubby's work place. Petronas Methanol Labuan, must b nice 2 c 4 nite view. will visit labuan again, n most prob will transfer working there. will apply 4 transfering in april. if succeed, will tranfer in june ;)). hav 2 sav money 4 transfer expenses. but had 2 find a maid 1st, so dat there's some1 will look after nadira when i'm working.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

lots of thing 2 do..

it was quite sometime i haven't write here in my blog. bz wit school work, parenting nadira, managing my bank loan etc. bz but still manage 2 did some shopping via online. haha.. shop 4 my bluvd baby girl of coz.. got her ck romper, mothercare shoes, dress n 3 pairs of legging. d leggings were so cute..

also did shopping @ parkson warehouse sale las thursday. got nadira a new collar tshirt wit matching skirt, then mine only a baby-t, n my hubby's tshirts n boxers. hehe.. not forgetting bedsheet set n hush puppies luggage bag. parkson has 80% discount, so i just take wat ever i can reach in 30 minutes. haha.. really rush dat day.

oo ya, i'm going 2 labuan dis coming saturday, 13 feb 2010. celebr8 valentine's day @ labuan, haha.. no la. juz bringing nadira there 4 a quick vacation or i called it 'rest-time' 4 me. hehe..hopefully can rest la. 1 2 visit few interesting places @ labuan. tmn burung, tg ketam, war memorial, etc.

nadira was also getting more adorable day by day. as yesterday i went 2 d clinic, 2 c dr. lalita. me n my dad hav 2 bring nadira coz no body can baby sit her @ home. dr lalita said nadira was so cute, n her face is d mix of mine my hubby's face. hehe;))
i got flu, sorethroat d whole week. it was very hot during d day. alhamdulillah it's getting better now.. juz take d flu n sorethroat pills. other pills, fever, cough.. dun 1.. i don't 1 2 get sleepy.. hope will b 100% ok dis week as me n nadira r going 2 labuan.. hehe;))

my latest collection

i bought dis pinkish leather bag laswik. it's TOSHI, a singapore brand which owned by d same company whom owned CHARLES & KEITH. got it 4 rm237, from it's rm249 price. luckily d sales person was my colleague's sister.

d compartment inside was quite big, so i can bring nadira's stuff wit me. no need her diaper bag. so can b stylish although bringing diapers wit me.. hehe..