Sunday, August 30, 2009

A survey...4 the married couple.. ( i'd copied d questions from facebook )

1-How long have you been married? #8 months n 3 days

2-How long have you been together? #4 years and 8 months

3-Where did you go on your first date? #Having drink n chit chat @ salim restaurant, lintas wit kudin around as he made it more happening since we'r both stil shy2 ( malu2 kucing knun.. haha.. )

4-Where did you go on your last date? #dinner at kfc, segama after merajuk sbb x puas jln d 1-b

5-What's your anniversary date? #December 27th

6-Where were you married? At my parents house.

7-What was your best/favorite wedding gift and from whom? #All the gifts where great, but i think d rice cooker from aunt lai was truly touching since she brought it all d way from kl. thanx aunty ;)

8-Where did you honeymoon? #We haven't gone on a honeymoon yet. since d 1st months of marriage I was pregnant.. but there's a plan going 2 Jakarta nex yr ;P

9-What food do you like now because of your spouse? #Udang goreng asam jawa. haha.. luv it!

10-What type of music do you like now because of your spouse? #My music tastes haven't changed.

11-What movie or television program do you like now because of your spouse? #JUMPER.. best!

12-Favorite thing you like doing together? #Watching movies, but after knowing i was pregnant, hav 2 postpone 2 watch all d great movies. juz buy d dvd la.. huhu..

13-Last gift you bought your spouse? #nike collar t-shirt

14-Last gift your spouse bought you? #rm1000 2 shop 4 baby n me ;))

15-Favorite thing about your spouse? #when ever he's mad @ me, i wil get 'merajuk' but then he's d 1 who wil 'pujuk'. haha;))

Sunday, August 23, 2009

faces of excitement 2 hav baby ' alana nadira ' ;))

dis r my latest pics. juz shot dis evening @ Seri Gaya Studio, Lintas Jaya. actually it's my bro's studio. juz having fun pose as 2morow is my 36 wks of pregnancy ;))

Saturday, August 22, 2009

1st ramadhan as a wife ( n mayb a mom.. hehe.. )


it's 1st ramadhan 2day. i tried 2 fast 2day but during noon my baby's kicking was so hard n i start 2 feel dizzy. my hubby asked me 4 not 2 fast, since d baby will get hungry. so 'sungkai' la.. huhu. hav 2 pay d fast later..

yesterday went 4 baby-shopping wit dear
hubby. bought few things @ kids avenue,
kk times square 4 my baby :

1) safe n sound nano pillow wit bumble
bee pillow case ;
2) 2 pcs knit hooded towel ( 1 wit cute
rabbit knit - both 2 use as blanket ) ; n
3) cot mosquito net wit stand.

now juz need 2 buy latex mattress, confinement set, thermometer n bedding set. haven't found d suitable 1 yet. still surveying.. huhu.. but my labor day is coming.. hope i'll hav d time 2 prepare d listed item ;).

Monday, August 17, 2009

my baby's thick hair ;))

as i promised.. d scan pic @ dr. felice clinic 2day ;)).

can c her round nose, chubby cheek n full lips from dis scan pic..

so little time..


i went to c dr. felice 2day. shud meet her around 3pm. but since there's emergency @ her clinic, had 2 postponed d appointment 2 4pm. when i arrived @ 4.30pm, there still 7 pregnant women in front of me. aiyak! so i wait.. n wait til it's 6.30pm n finally i met her.

juz done d normal check, n she amazed wit my tiny skinny baby is having a healthy chubby baby girl. hehe;)). now my baby weight is 2.2kg n she'll b 3.2kg on d due date. haha.. can i make it? hopefully everything will b ok on dat day.. amin..

i got scanned n seeing her round face n nose, chubby cheeks, n new thing.. full lips n she got thick hair.. waa.. i'll upload d scan pic a.s.a.p.

dis month had 2 do a proper budget since d baby is coming.. need 2 prepare money 4 d delivery in case it's cesarean, since ing insurance juz cover rm1800 4 normal n rm2500 4 cesarean delivery. i'll also share bout d ward fees @ kk specialist soon. now i'm so tired n got work 2 do.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

which 2 decide.. hurm..

yesterday i did shopping again 4 baby n me.. bought @ parkson, 2 set of baby garment wit pants from baby kiko ( baju lubang2 ) since it was so hot nowadays. also bought toiletries, baby hat, maternity pads n disposable breast pad from mothercare.

i found dat mothercare disposable breast pad is cheaper than few brands. 4 pureen 84 pads cost around rm40+, 50 pads from avent cost rm49.90, 4 pigeon d 40 pads cost about rm41.90. so i decided 2 buy d pads from mothercare, which 100 pads just cost rm39.90.

n 2day my fren, qming from kl called n said she got me d medela mini electric breast pump ( i think it's d same wit single deluxe breast pump) wit medela citystyle bag which i asked her 2 buy 4 me since d price is cheaper than d usual price. usually both medela items cost rm738 (rm469 + rm269 ). d bbland store sold them 4 rm519.

n now i'm surveying 4 d confinement set. dunno which brand is better. there's few top brand dat i'd check on d net. nona roguy, salindah, leesa formula, sendayu tinggi, amway tropical herbs etc. d price also different. which 2 decide.. hurm..

Sunday, August 9, 2009

alana nadira's 1st hairband;))

i bought dis baby binder from a blog, anakkusayangshop. they juz arrived on thursday. d person made d binders n also other stuff such as bengkung 4 new-mommies n bedding set herself.

d binders' quality quite good. i'd bought 2 set of 5pcs white n pink baby binder.

i added 8 more pcs of wash cloth 4 my baby. n also her 1st hairbands ;)). got them from signature @ karamunsing yesterday. d hairbands were sooo cute.. i can't wait 2 put them on her.. hehe.

Friday, August 7, 2009

baby item list


last tuesday i went 2 tong's department @ wisma merdeka, as it's having sale there. so i bought few baby stuff such as pants, hat, mittens n booties, change mat n wet tissues.

i bought dis 2 pants ( above pic ) 2 match d 2 baby pink tops ( right pic ) dat my mom bought from kl. baby alana will b so cute wearing d tops n pants. hehe;)). n also dis cute hat ( below - left pic ), which i bought 2 match d 3pcs - yellow hallmark ( below - right pic ) dat i'd bought earlier.

still lot of things 2 buy 4 my baby girl..d others i'd bought but in few quantity. as d baby will grow bigger in juz a short time.

things need 2 buy 4 baby n me :
1) baby mattress ( latex )
2) bedding set ( fitted sheet, bumper, coverlet, pillowcase )
3) baby cot bed mosquito net
4) baby toiletries
5) baby ointment
6) baby diapers
7) rash cream
8) maternity pad
9) nursing pad
10) breast pump wit storage containers ( either medela or avent )
11) set pantang
12) breast feeding pillow ( still thinking 2 buy or not 2 buy )

hope 2 get gifts 4 d baby ;P.. if not, hav 2 buy a lot of baby stuff 4 daily use. 4 new born size, i only hav 8 set of day garments, 6 set of nite garments, 4 set of mittens n booties, 9 towels, 10 diapers, 4 face clothes n few 3-6 months garments. huhu.. juz hav dis as my mom said d baby will get bigger in a while. so, juz hav wat's important 4 d basic needs 1st ;D.