Tuesday, May 31, 2011


finally.. we made it to live together.. but guess what.. living only d 2 of us is easier than 3.. not sure if i'm gonna stay d same or not.. juz wait n c how d flow goes.. :|

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Friday, May 27, 2011


thank u so much 4 a big appreciation.. gifts, flowers, wishes.. all can't describe how much we'll missed each other in d future.. still i've life to move on n so r LOK YUKians.. 2 1/2 yrs time was a short time but a great experience to know all kinds of ppl, life styles n not forgetting dealing with all sorts of ups n downs..

finally.. u'll never b 4gotten, u'r d 1st school n will always b my 1st 1.. thank u again srk lok yuk likas ;))

from eka, 6k

from hanisah, 5k

from saipa, 6h

from fazira, 6h

from farrah, 6k

from jane n irene, 6h

not forgetting d others, roses from d siblings (eva n daniel), al-fazmie 4 d luvly shawl, pibg's sarongs, water fridge jug n other more gifts.. thank u so much ;))

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

happy teacher's day (pt 2)

again.. happy teacher's day! as our school is celebrating it 2day.

i got more artificial flower n gifts from my fellow students. as 2day mayb d last day i'm seeing them. n not forgetting d students from 6k, singing "kenangan terindah" juz 4 me.. really touched with their song n tears.. haha.. did cried a bit also;p


a box of gifts n flowers for teacher's day n farewell 2 me;)) thanx 2 all.. really gonna miz'd u all..

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

transfer (pt. 1)

congratulations for those who made it.. n try again to whom failed to transfer.. never quit to try..

as 4 me.. it's my 2nd time applying, n alhamdulillah i've made it;)) juz a bit worried for leaving all d jobs.. n ppl whom i've comfortable with.. but still need to spread my wings n fly;)) meaning that, other ppl needs me 4 something, as i need my lil family 2 move on.. become stronger n more mature handling all sorts of school matter, including ppls' attitude;p no body's perfect, but trying ur best is d best thing 2 do.. so juz pray dat do good things will giv u d same too.. til then;)..

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Monday, May 23, 2011

nadira's 20th monthsary

today is nadira 20th months.. 2 more months 2 go 4 her 2nd birthday.. omg.. need 2 plan 4 a bday bash.. haha.. thought of a pinky theme;)) will do d planning later.. mayb d party will b 3-in-1 celebration;)) nadira's bday, raya open house n my transfer to labuan? hopefully.. amin;))

anyway, happy 20th monthsary to my precious alana nadira.. mama n abah really luvs u.. mmuaahh!

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happy teacher's day

hope it's not too late 2 wish happy teacher's day! esp 2 myself;)) been very busy doing all works related to school n my fellow students.

being so working hard 4 them.. as my responsibility n d will to see them success in their life insyaAllah;))

thank u so much 2 my students who gave me such a big appreciations.. wishes, cards n also gifts.. really felt happy;))

n dis r few pic of gifts from my students;)

from zintarizka, 4h

from nur fitri, 4h

from izzati, 6k

from afiqah, 6k

from shannabelle, patrojones, winnie, reemy, syahirah (5k) n abd khairil, jamalul (6b)

also not forgetting a red rose from mazlinah (5k) n a sweet blue carnation look-a-like flower from aqil (6m). really dunno what's d flower's name.. hehe;))

n 2morow, 27.5.2011, our school will hav d teacher's day celebrations. since i'm leaving them, wishing every1 will remember me as their teacher n cholics.. surely will missed them.. esp "d gang".. haha;p

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

nadira's 1st attempt 2 watch movie in cinema

21.5.2011 yup, on 7.00pm shows, me n nadira joined my sis, girl, my cousin, nurul, my aunt n my other cousin's daughter, ezah, watching nur kasih d movie @ suria gsc. i was not paying full attention 2 d movie, but no worries.. still enjoying d movie.. nadira was watching until d half time, she'd started getting bored. then she went on d floor, playing with d signage lamp. hehe..

'bout d movie, mixed of feeling (sad, happy, romantic, sweet, etc).. n it did made me think a lot.. juz do d best n pray, insyaAllah we'll get d best too in life;))

next mission.. will watch jack sparrow in d latest pirates of d carribean movie with hubby;p

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Friday, May 13, 2011

how i do to relax..

feeling so tense d whole week. lots of work 2 b done.. n during wednesday, i went to a reflexology place somewhere* @ cp's 2nd flr.. d place kind of 3-star only, but d massage service quite good. i had full-body massage, foot reflexology n ear-candling. but i didn't like d massage oil smell. it was ginger oil, but with a smelly aroma. usually i like ginger smell n i do hav a ginger cream for self-
massage. (*cannot-b-mentioned)

anyway, my body kind of relief n relax.. but since i hate d oil smell, i went to yinyin beauty @ cp's palm sq 4 a basic facial after dat. i do luv their massage cream calming smell, they'd said it was 'vicks' but vicks has a strong smell. yinyin do d shoulder, head n arms massage after each facial session. do love their after-facial herbal tea.. so yummy ;)) (they also serve 4 before-facial herbal tea).

but i still keep on falling in luv with my...

sk-2 treatment mask ;)) i wonder when can i hav sk2's full-set facial stuff.. 4 now i'm using only d basic 3 (cleanser-lotion-essence) n sometimes treatment mask.. dis brand was so expensive but really worth 2 hav them ;))

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

free n nice

haha.. usually we went to a public toilet n find it terribly terrible.. haha.. but luckily i found during d afternoon 4 dis 1 free n quite nice toilet.. see it urself ;p


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happily for good deeds;))

alhamdulillah.. a lil' good effort make big changes.. so happy can help 1 of my student having his identification document, n hopefully he'll b a good person 4 d rest of his life helping his family 2 live in better future.. insyaAllah ;)) he's a clever boy n really good in sports..

next mission going to kota marudu 4 further his ID completion. insyaAllah it'll b smoothly settled ;))

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