Friday, December 30, 2011

december shopping spree - part 5

on d 27th, done some shopping @ little me, karamunsing capital.. bought 2 bottles of liquid cleanser @ rm35, 4-pcs table corner cushion rm9.90 n bud's after birth stretchmark cream rm62.90 after 10% off..

then @ bata, bought slipper 4 me n nadira.. @anakku, karamunsing, bought 2-pcs of baby binder @ rm12.90 n nadira's anakku pink pants. also @ signature, karamunsing, bought fifi changing mat n 2-boxes of pureen wash powder..

few of our catch :

4 nadira.. pink slippers n pants..

4 me.. slippers, belly cream n lots of disposable panties, got 5 packs of them..

after dat, heading 2 damai plaza 4 lunch @ pizza hut n lighting appliances hunting continues @ 2 light shop @ damai..

then on d 28th.. shopping d day b4 going back 2 labuan..

baby's garment bought @ parkson, 1-borneo

@ nite, shopped @ happy mums, kk specialist

for nadira : nuk bottle n munchkin car window sun cover

baby's leg warmers n also set of mittens n booties

bumble bee milk storage

for baby : medela feeding bottle, also d spare parts 4 d breast pump..

n on d 29th, d day for going 2 labuan, had d chance 2 shopped @ mothercare, kk times square during morning time..

mothercare nursing t-shirt

mothercare 8-pcs of baby girl set

mothercare essential bag which we'll b using as d baby's diaper bag, with promotion price rm99.90 ( usually rm199.90 )..

n got mothercare soft toy for d chinese new year lucky dip.. hehe.. it's our baby's 1st soft toy;))

on d same day, we also bought lighting appliances @ kalson lighting, putatan.. will get d view of them when they've been installed in our new house;p

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

december shopping free -part 4

hohoho.. x'mas is around d corner n i'm still bz trying 2 complete all of d shopping ( home - baby - maternity ).

thurdays's nite went 2 sunny supermarket.. shop 4 some snacks, also nadira's formula milk n diaper. b4 dis she used huggies dry @ blue. as las time d quality quite nice, but now easily 2 leak. esp during nite sleep. so i'd bought 1 pack of mamy poko n which d price is actually double from d huggies n also bought 2 packs of huggies dry comfort @ red, which r more expensive than d blue 1. hope dat d red 1 quality also better la;))

n yesterday, finally bought d sofa, tv cabinet n d coffee table.. hehe.. can't take d pics of them. juz manage 2 take pics from d price tags. they'r from casa furniture @ sadong. well, falling in luv wit them when i saw them las time. only now got d chance 2 purchase them ;))

d 3+2 leather sofa in pure white.. actually i really luv'd d design n d WHITE colour.. but after considering d 'toddler n baby'.. i've decided 2 order a new 1 wit beige colour ( darker than cream but lighter than lite brown ).

here's d beige colour ;))

but unfortunately got called 2day by casa saying d beige colour leather only available in january. so d sofas can only b completed in march. so i've chose d cream colour. hmm.. hopefully we can take care 4 d cleanliness. haha.. got less 4 d price, so we juz hav 2 pay rm5310 4 them;)) d sofas r in 5-yrs warranty 4 d spring n structure, not including 4 d leather if teared or got dirty.

then, d tv cabinet..

got d below cabinet only 4 rm1690. d top rack already bought by some1 else earlier. luv'd d glossy effect.. match wit d soon-46"-sony-led-tv.. haha.. when can we get d chance 2 buy them? now got promotions everywhere in kk. 4 juz rm4k u got d tv either wit free sony blu-ray player or d sony theatre sound system. huhu.. if we'r not in tight budget, surely will grab 1 ;p

n here's our coffee table. luv d white colour tempered glass on top of it. also d table is quite low than ordinary coffee table. so, can b our modern-japanese-table 2. haha.. d price is fixed since it's best buy furniture.

after done shopping wit d furniture, got d chance 2 hav lunch @ my fren's mom's retaurant @ sadong area. a fren dat being lost 4 so long. something happened in d past dat made her far away from her hubby n family. a very sad story, hopefully she n her baby is safe n in good condition where ever they'r now..

from sadong, we went 2 parkson @ wawasan plaza. bought myself bras 4 breastfeeding later,

boxers n inner t-shirts 4 hubby, n 4 our baby :

disney's minnie romper n pants, also minnie's nail clipper.

1 2 buy a pink cardigan 4 nadira. but can't find d 1 dat i like. so will do another shopping 4 nadira later ;))

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

december shopping spree - part 3 cont.

done more baby shopping during nite time.. after d day shopping, rest during afternoon then @ 8pm went 2 kk times square. got sms from mothercare n kid's avenue saying dat they'r having nite sale from 21-23 dec (8-12pm) with 10-50% sale n additional 10% 4 total of purchase.

so here's our catch ;))

from mothercare :

mothercare 5-pcs day rompers n 3-pcs sleep suits

mothercare 4-pcs square muslins ( 1st time found muslins with heart design, usually plain colours ). will use dis as d baby's swadlling blanket;). they'r cute!

mothercare fleece blanket. last time bought d cellular blanket, but same PINK colour.. hehe..

d mothercare toilettries.. we didn't buy d baby oil coz will buy d mothercare's lavender scented message oil later.. it's not available @ d moment..

2-pkt of 48-pcs maternity pads 4 me.. actually 1 2 buy 4 of them but they'r aren't in stock anymore..

4-boxes of 100-pcs disposable breast pads. got my breast pads already, but juz prepare d disposable.

then our catch @ kid's avenue :

bumble bee travel mattress ( already hav 2 cot mattress, so dis time bought dis 1 ).

latex infant pillow ( free pillow cover )

growing up waterproof pad 4 mattress n bumble bee cloth wipes.

n finally

2-pcs sleeping suits n a set of mitts n boots ;))

will visit mothercare again mayb nexwik b4 going back 2 lbuan;))

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

december shopping spree - part 3

went to karamunsing complex 2day. bought toilettries, snack, baby stuff n electrical appliances.

dis is d 1st garment bought 4 our soon-born-baby-princess ;)). after shopping some snack @ giant, otw out saw dis cute set of garment. white-pink;))

also bought 4 her a bottle brush. hopefully i can breast feed again 4 d 2nd time. still haven't purchase my medela accessory yet. hopefully manage 2 do so b4 february.

japlo bottle brush

n bought all dis panasonic brand electrical appliances 4 our home:

1) stand fan
2) 4 remote ceiling fan ( will buy 2 more in d future )
3) vacuum cleaner
4) water purifier ( finally a red accessory in d kitchen, other than my tupperware items. soon will try 2 find red hot water flask, red stove kettle, red floor mat, etc )

n yesterday, did kitchen cabinet survey @ kubiq kitchen, inanam n oppein, lintas. find dat kubiq's cabinet was a good bargain, juz dat we need 2 ship d pieces 2 lbuan by ourselves. d cost 4 their cabinet was about rm6k including d installation. much cheaper than Qkitchen. 4 oppein, they need few days 2 do d quotation. i'd also contact a contractor dat did kitchen cabinet plus d installation via their blog n email. they also need more time 4 their quotation. will decide which 1 is d best price when we get back 2 labuan.

o ya, still no news bout d house key. d lawyer juz did d courier 4 d payment cheque yesterday evening. if d cheque arrived by 2morow or friday, means we'll get d key only in january coz person in charge @ spnb ( d developer ) will take leave 4 1 whole week after xmas day.. huhu..

mm.. hoping 4 d best.. insyaAllah everything will run smoothly;))

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

december shopping spree -part 2

during my visit 2 karamunsing complex on wednesday, @ casa dis pendant lamp caught my eyes. thinking.. hey, dis will suits my dining area. but then decided 2 buy dis 1 4 d living area;)) got it 4 rm530, like it!

as lamp in d picture (R-side), lamp wit crystal;))

also got stuff 4 my soon-born-baby;))

box 4 d baby's essential n a pair of booties;))

bought dis 2, earlier from online shopping as it came on d same day.. minyak telon n hot cream..

few furniture also interest me, but d price or d design didn't really suits my requirement.. ahaks;p

like dis wall divider very much, but it cost rm1000, huhu.. can't afford 4 it @ d moment:(

d L-shape sofa was quite ok, but we'r going 4 a full leather. dis 1 is synthetic.

nice full height mirror 4 d dressing table, but didn't like d overall design..

dis bed frame quite nice but it's cheaper 2 buy d full set..

d wardrobe.. i guess it's 2 wide.. a big 2 door panel will b juz nice 4 our bedroom;))

n 2day during mine n nadira's visit 2 d in-laws, i got d chance 2 drop by @ putatan's tupperware shop n also got a quotation 4 my kitchen cabinet design from Q-kitchen, which d cheapest was rm7700 (including d installation @ our home), while d maximum cost can reach to rm24000.. huhu.. d mana kan d kurik usin ani ( in bruneian's language ;p )

spend rm600 again @ d tupperware's, as i'd joined 4 being a member 2. actually 1 2 use a fren's account 2 buy d stuff, but finally decided 2 b a member ( paying rm60 n got 3-pcs of containers.. ok la;)) )

d containers..

being a tupperware member..

all my new tupperware stuff..

d rice dispencer.. really 1 dis 4 a long time n finally got it!;)

2-pcs of water cooler bottles

2 set of salt n spices pcs

a medium set of freezer mate (consist 4 6-pcs of containers)

after spending 4 more than rm500, i got dis salad bowl with d fork n spoon 4 only rm11.90 ;))

o ya, good news dat we can get our house key by nexwik!! alhamdulillah.. can't wait, yippie!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

december shopping spree

luv'd december.. as it was my month of birthday n got few birthday priviledge during shopping, YES was also happening in malaysia. haha..

not 4getting it's also d month of my wedding anniversary;)) d 3rd anniversary.. thinking to buy iphone 4s 4 hubby but not sure yet 'bout d price since a lot of budget is allocated 4 furnishing our new home, asb savings n our soon-born-baby-girl ;)).

here were some shopping done in december until yesterday 13.12.2011, there'll b a lot of furniture n baby shopping after dis ;p

1st baby garment bought, 4 sets of mittens n booties, @ servay hypermall on 1.12.2011.. nice bargain as they'r having sale;))

then on another day, 10.12.2011, brought nadira 2 parkson n giant @ wawasan plaza. poor her as d nite b4, she cried out-loud coz 1 2 join my parents n other siblings 2 d pertanian dinner.. huhu.. so i was entertaining her 2 shop;)) (as my shopping therapy 2.. haha..)

shopped 4 few snacks n also got a bunny n 2 cartoon dvds 4 nadira;))

n yesterday, 13.12.2011, done another shopping @ 3 different mall. haha.. from suria sabah-wisma merdeka-centre point.. n my left leg was totally in pain in d end of d day.. haha..

nadira @ d metrojaya's changing room..

we also watched puss in boots in 3d @ gsc, suria;)).. nadira fall asleep in d middle of d show, n then woke up during d cats dancing @ almost d end of d movie.. haha..

n our catch of d day..

for me : padini's babyT @ 50% off n 2 nite pants from cotton on, also having 30% off.. ;))

4 nadira, got her a minnie mouse pink pillow, poney jeans overall n a set of hairclip. all from metrojaya;))

after done shopping @ suria, we went 2 wisma merdeka juz 2 buy canvas bag (4 moving usage) n redeem my birthday voucher from d bodyshop. bought a shower gel n got dis eyeshadow 4 50% off using my birthday voucher.

got d small moroccon rose shower gel 2 as my bday gift;)). then we went 2 cp via taxi. last time it was only rm5 4 d taxi fee from wisma merdeka to centre point during my school years. then rm7, n now rm10. huhu.. it's not so far actually..mayb juz 1-2km..

@ cp, we juz went to aussino n having late lunch @ secret recipe. @ 1st juz 1 2 buy d bedsheet set n d quilt cover. then since i'm a member, got 50% 4 both bedsheet set n quilt cover, 40% 4 all towels i bought, another less 4 d bath mats, then also bought a quilt using my birthday priviledge dat makes me got 50% off 4 it. got all 7 items 4 rm600, n got free redemption hand towel;)) 4 non-member, it was only 30-40% off 4 some of d items.

all of my aussino items;))

2 set of bath n face towel (purple) 4 juz rm39.90, 3-pcs face-hand-bath towel (pink) 4 juz rm34.95, 2 pcs of bath math 4 only rm17.95 each n d free redeem hand towel (green) ;))

d bedsheet set n d quilt cover.. soft peach-white-purple-green combination;))

d quilt.. few yrs back, bought a cotton quilt, which was heavier, thick n quite hot. dis 1 is a polyster quilt, which is much lighter, cool n thinner. d quality is better;))

now a bit worried since d lawyer still haven't receive d payment cheque from d BPP. it was almost 2 wks now since they'd posted it via normal mail. huhu.. can't get d house key if d cheque still on its way :((..

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