Tuesday, December 31, 2013

happy new year 2014

salam 2014😊 syukran ya Allah for thing happened in 2013 & really looking forward for 2014. will continue my life journey to be a better person, have to be relax a bit & be more grateful for things happen in life (meaning that to be an always- positive-person). also keep on learning to be a better muslimah, insyaAllah everything will be much better afterwards.. peace V(^_^)V

Monday, December 30, 2013

JB 2013 2013 (Pt. 2 - Hello Kitty Town & Dino Water Theme Park)

alhamdulillah after Legoland, went to Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park ( Hello Kitty Town & The Little Big Club ) the next day, on December 17th. it was a very cute and enjoyable place for kids, made for tiring feet too .
bought the tickets earlier @ www.playtime.com.my where the ticket are fixed price for malaysian & had to fix the date of admission too.. not open ticket as Legoland's which valid in the same year of purchased..

this time we took the executive taxi (blue) which is rm10++ higher than the red 1. we got to pay rm60 for KSL Resort to Puteri Harbour (1 way)

there's a nice view at Puteri Harbour since there is a jetty for ferries coming from Indonesia, which we didn't have the time to take pictures. huhu.. poor us.. anyway, it was great to be here ;)

the tickets.. we also wore white paper bangle (which means 2 park pass. blue/pink means only 1 park pass)
there was also Sanrio HKT's Pamphlet, Map Guide & Activity Card (only 1 time admission for each stop, then u'll get 1 stamp for each of them)

@ Hello Kitty Town ( 1st Floor ) :

we only stopped @ 3 out of 6 Hello Kitty's activities (exclude the Merry-Go-Round, Cafe & Live Show)

the entrance


the Kitty's House exterior view

nadira was very excited playing @ the Friendship Land

looking inside the Kitty's House :

Kitty's sofa

Kitty's Kitchen

Daniel's Bathroom

Kitty's Bedroom

Cookies Studio

my cookie outcome.. haha.. ;P

waiting for Hello Kitty live show

fun live dance show ( for kids of course;) )

Kitty's House Mailbox

Ladies' Toilet

Family Toilet

a booth for Kitty & Daniel's Photoshoot (wearing white & gold garments) which there was a long queue and just available few times per day


@ Black Wonder (some kind of a castle area fulled with mystery as to search for Kitty lost within 15 minutes.. haha.. it was a kind of treasure hunt with clues, whoever find Kitty will get certificate..

The Little Big Club @ 2nd & 3rd Floor :

too much going on here.. so we just stop @ few rides/games & also the Cafe ( with limited choice of food, not forgetting the high prices. Legoland had much better food i think )..

had a ride on Thomas Train ( hubby was resting @ the 2nd Floor, which we are already to the 3rd Floor ;P )

going up & down with the Bus Ride.

@ the Cafe area

there was alot of fun rides here @ the 3rd Floor, but we just took 3 rides : the Thomas Train, the Bus & Colin Crane Drop because of nadira refused to do so. she kind afraid of high & speed after the Colin Crane Drop ride.. ;P so we just skipped others & went back to 2nd Floor.

back to 2nd floor..

@ Angelina Ballerina Studio :

having fun with ballet dance ;P

in front of Barney's House

waiting for Barney's Live Show ( which we only had video of it ;) )

our photos of the day (same with Legoland, took picture inside, scan & collect @ Photo Booth in the Souvenir Shop) :

bought 2 Jigsaw Puzzle Pictures ( rm50 each )& had a 8R size photo for free

bought another 5R size picture for rm30 each

bought this for nadira & arissa :

arissa's Kitty Doll ( with Birth Certificate & detachable Head Ribbon, T-shirt & Ribbon Badge ) worth rm89.90

bought a Kitty Charm for nadira & 1 more for ayra (aunty masni's daughter as her birthday gift) worth rm42.90

then we back to the hotel to reest & later went to Dino Water Theme Park @ KSL Resort in the evening, as for nadira had been asking us since day 1 ;))
admission free for hotel guest.. the place was quite nice, just 'okay' for swim & playing in the water ;)

the entrance

luckily we brought the kids' swim ring & balls all the way from KK

nadira had a 1st water slide then she was afraid to play longer in the pool, either sitting down beside the pool or playing with the water shoot

arissa was so excited playing with the water ;))

happy faces;)) as for me, got the chance to try the 2-storey of water slide.. haha;P

there were fireworks going on near the hotel area during the nite, not sure for what event it was.. about 20 minutes enjoying the show ;))


and finally our last day @ JB..

in front of KSL Resort's Business Centre

bought some books & magazine @ Senai Airport.. they was extra cheap compare to KK & Labuan's prices.. huhu..
Kitty's play book for arissa & story book for nadira

mine ;))

in the JB-KK flight, with happy & tired faces;))

hoping for more visit to other places in the future.. ( that's for JPO too.. huhu.. someday insyaAllah )will plan ahead for USS, Singapore & Legoland, JB visit again for 2016. more exciting experience & new faces too ( maybe the whole Rahman's family will be joining us, as my lil' sis will be graduating from UTM in the october the same year;)) )

p/s - here's the business card for the blue taxi driver as i've mentioned earlier, he's a good driver. not charging more than rm60 to the place we had went since there was some driver just love to cheat the passengers..