Monday, April 16, 2012

nadira's a big sister ;))

nadira's helping mama, during arissa's ceremony preparation..

nadira @ wisma muis when we'r searching 4 d yasin ( 4 arissa's ceremony door gift ).

nadira posed wit her make-up.. dunno who did it 4 her, must b my aunt or cousin ;p

nadira n arissa posed wit their accesories, gifts from their aunt santi. actually d headband was 4 arissa n d hat was 4 nadira.

nadira's eating ice cream on her own, basically hubby was d 1 who hold d ice cream 4 her most of d time ;p

wit her new toy ;))

nadira wit her cousins, nuril n ayip @ d airport.. otw back 2 labuan..

hopefully she'll b a good sister 2 arissa ;))

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

thank u;))

felt so relief 4 yesterday ceremony;)) although we had difficulties during preparing 4 arissa's event ( late arrival of d doorgift, so had 2 buy new 1, staying until late nite 4 pasting d thank u tag sticker n etc). but alhamdulillah d ceremony went well;))

thanks 2 family n frens who came n share d special day wit us;)) not 4getting all d wonderful gifts. we'r really appreciate them;D

here some of d pics taken wit my i-phone. later will upload pic from my big bro n my sis..

b4 d ceremony starts..

d door gifts..

inside d bag : yasin, kuih kipang n kuih sapit ;))

yasin wit our thank u tag..

pretty nadira;))

cutie arissa;))

mama n d princesses ;D

here r d gifts :

from atok udin n family ;))

from cuzies, aqil, wafa n hayy. all d way from tawau wit luv ;)) d hat is 4 nadira n others especially 4 arissa ;D

from twin cuzies, ainnur syifa n ainnur ila ;))

from aunt jimah ;))

from d sisters, babby khaysah n babby khaiysah ;))

n finally,

cutie rompers from aunt nurul ;))

arissa also got a total of rm7++ from d grandmas, aunts n 4getting d neighbours ;))

thank u so much.. ;D

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Friday, April 6, 2012


i missed d breast engorgement moment.. huhu.. sadly 2 say, now arissa drinks more of formula milk than my milk :((.. my breast didn't giv her much milk nowadays.. as i think my body 'shrink' ( back 2 petite or simply thinner n lighter than my 36kg average weight )..

nadira had her exclusive bf period b4 i started back 2 work n she had bf until 11 months. while arissa, not even a month she already had less bf.. i was really sad, but d good news is she's getting bigger n heavier in a short of time.. mayb 4 d fat from d anmum step 1 formula milk..

can feel my body had been so tired n i need 2 b freshen up.. o ya, i dun hav pain @ my waist anymore, but turns out my feet, ankles n knees n also my neck n shoulders hav lots of pain nowadays.. mayb from my sitting activity.. yup, lots of sitting.. n mayb dis is d 1 reason 4 less producing milk.. tiredness :((

no more pumping session.. huwargh.. n lots of money spent on d formula milk. 2 boxes of 650g anmum 4 2 wks.. huhu.. almost rm50 per box, so can b a total of rm200 in a month.. dat's 4 arissa's 1st month. n other coming months? huhu.. not mentioning her diapers. i got her mamypoko diapers, only dis brand get my trust nowadays. juz 4 feb-march-now she almost wears 10packs of 52-pcs newborn size diapers. n spent almost rm400 4 all dis.. huhu.. she can wear nadira's cloth diapers, but there's only 6 sets of inserts. need 2 buy more inserts n cd 2 sav a lot from using d diapers. hmm..

alhamdulillah we dun hav serious money problem now, but worried in d future. lots of money had been spent 4 completing our home. n next, nursery 4 arissa n nadira.. huhu.. i wish i can bf arissa more.. juz thinking of d coming work load n d hot labuan makes me more worrying.. how can i successfully bf her later in labuan.. :'((

suppose 2 b motivating n talking about bf 2 arissa when she was still in my belly:(( as 4 nadira, she was easy 4 her bf, but her body didn't grow well. taller but thin. n not 4getting easily get sick n her bronchulitis.. but she had pretty n white teeth, also strong bones.. 4 arissa, hardly sucking d breast ( mostly juz suck d nipples ). n can't hardly wait 4 small amount of milk from d bf. huhu.. hopefully she'll grow healthy either bf or less.

nexwik will b leaving kk 4 lbuan. hav 2 prepare d home n our family 4 my soon-back-2-work in may.. praying d best 4 my 'lil family.. amin;))

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

sleeping cutie ;D

our sleeping cutie.. really fussy when it comes 2 sleep.. had 2 do lots of things b4 she can sleep.. n sleeping longer.. huhu..

mm.. many ppl said arissa looks like me. but wat i c, she's juz like nadira during her early baby time. but it was a fact dat nadira was totally look like my hubby ;p so we all hav look-a-like faces. hehe;))

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

arissa's 1st BIG day preparation (pt. 2)

1.4.2012 : done shopping 4 nadira n arissa @ parkson, 1-borneo.

nadira's - d purple T n pearl white overall dress from baby kiko.. yes.. she still can wear their XL size ;p
arissa's - cream sleeveless dress wit pants n a set of 2 white n pink socks, both from trudy & teddy.. finally got dis 4 her as planned ;)) except 4 d big size (3-6m).. parkson 1-b really had limited choices n sizes of trudy & teddy garments.

2.4.2012 : got nadira n arissa headbands from bella shyanne, kk-based handmade hair accessories (knew them tru' fb).

for nadira..

for arissa.. must b cute on her;))

n 4 me..

i'd purchased a creamy cotton-jersey jubah dress from fb too.. will alter it later since it was a free size dress while i'm d petite XS size ;p

done d arissa's lay-place 4 d event wit d help from my dad.. dis was my early sketch of it..

then, had done dis ;))

d lights were from dad's idea, which seems get along wit my dsign, so juz go 4 it ;p

they'r happy wit it.. so do i ;))
hopefully everything will run smoothly on dat day..

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