Monday, January 18, 2010

naughtier than b4..

starting last week, nadira begin 2 make sound a lot. her voice was so loud, dis make so cute as she was 'talking' all d way. she also try 2 mirror n imitate wat i'm saying n wat i'm doing wit my face. hehe..

during feeding, sometimes she still stop to see what is going by looking up, down, left n right. but then continue d feeding n back 2 looking around. she still didn't like 2 b fed tru d bottle. she'll close her mouth or she'll throw up wat has gone 2 her mouth. so clever.. haha.. n usually she'll play n laugh during d bottle feeding. i'm still mixing d formula milk feeding during d day. 2-3 times of formula feeding.

now nadira sleeps a lot better @ nite. she will wake up early in d morning 4 or 4.30am as i have 2 get ready 4 both of us. she starts 2 sleep around 4.30-5pm up until 8.30, 10.30 or 12pm @ nite. then have 2 feed n change her diaper. sometimes she'll wake earlier 2.30 or 3am. planning 2 make her sleep from 8pm - 4am in d future.

nadira's getting bigger day by day. she's my little angel, my sunshine.. luv u so much my 'gendut' ;))

Saturday, January 9, 2010

my baldy precious.. hehe..

dis is nadira latest pic (taken by my sis-in-law on nadira's 1st day baby sitted, 4th jan 2010).

now nadira likes 2 c brightly colored books. i got her 2 books (+ vcd). she really like them. she also started spitting a lot. huhu.. a fren told me dat if baby's spitting means she's trying 2 speak. hehe.. 4 nadira? mayb;)).. sometime during feeding, nadira also will take a few swallows of formula or breast milk and then stop to see what is going on in the room. i had 2 mix her feeding wit formula milk since my breasts only produce 4 oz of milk when pumping them in d morning, for 6am-11am. so @ morning she'll hav my milk @ 6am n 11am, while d formula milk in between d period n also b4 2pm.

n i'd already started working. from home @ 6am til d afternoon, 1.30 or 2pm. tired n stress managing others' children.. got hair loss 2 @ d moment. huhu.. n i'm still trying 2 produce more milk. alhamdulillah.. my sis-in-law helps me 2 baby sit nadira @ d moment. ica will fetch nadira @ 6am everyday n take care of her @ my in-laws n send her back @ 2pm, juz enough time 4 me 2 get back home, take shower, solat zohor n have my lunch. huhu.. from monday til friday. still searching 4 a maid. last time, my mom's previous maid wants 2 work wit me but she cancelled.

really hope nadira will grow up in d best condition. i'll try my best, wit no hubby by my side.. huhu :'(. nvm, will bring nadira 2 lbuan mayb in march, during school break. hehe.. will do my 'kain raya' shopping there, while my hubby baby sit nadira. haha;P

Sunday, January 3, 2010

nadira's 1st day outing

it was 1st day out for nadira on 27th december. not just simply out from home as going 2 d clinic, but 1st time going out wit mama n abah 4 shopping @ 1-borneo. hehe;P. we also bought her stroller d day b4. silver cross pop bought @ mothercare.

at 1st, nadira was sleeping from d car n 1st hour of shopping. we did shopping for my hubby 1st. then, when she woke up, her eyes were wide open 2 c all d colorful stuff, shops, Xmas decorations. but nadira will b crying if d stroller stop, so her abah had 2 stroll her around when i did my shopping. finally, got abah his white nike tshirt, nadira's new pink cardigan n mama's white blouse. then had 2 tapau d food n had lunch @ my in-law house.