Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Majlis Cukur Jambul & Akikah Alana Nadira

on 25th december 2009, 'papat jambul' n 'akikah' ceremony was being held for nadira @ my parents' house. attended by family, neighbours n close friends. although i'd invited so mamy frens, but juz few of my frens came. mayb they were bz doing other things or resting since it was public holiday. never mind.. d ceremony was running smoothly. alhamdulillah.. nadira only cried before n after her hair being cut. we were worried if she cried d whole 'papat jambul' ceremony. hehe;))

so happy coz nadira is growing bigger. now i'm organizing her event while she's 3 months. n someday in future, i'll b doing her other event ( 1 yr old bday party, other special day, her engagement, her wedding ). wah.. lebih2 plak mama nadira ni;P

below r few pics on nadira's 1st big day ;))

(before d event)
my design;)

my hubby juz arrived from labuan on d same day
ready for d ceremony;D

(during d event)

decorated cot bed design by me;)
d goodie bags..

d ceremony..
nadira after 'papat jambul'..

d food n guests..

my happy little family;))

wit my big family..

wit my hubby's family..
pose from a mama.. hehe;P

Thursday, December 24, 2009

nadira's 3 months old

ya.. yesterday was nadira is 3 months old. n she's a good girl d whole day. cried for hungry, sleepy n needs 2 change her diaper only. usually ada mengamuk, x ngam mood kali aa.. hehe.. n we went 2 kkia, 4 nadira monthly clinic appointment. she got immunization shot again. n as usual will cried loudly after being injected. nadira's growth :

weight : 4.69 kg
length : 58cm

mm.. mayb her growth was kind of slow since i'm training her 2 bottle feeding in dis 2 weeks. well.. she is trying 2 adapt. also b'coz for my breast pump session, n also d decreasing of my breast milk last few days back. but since yesterday, nadira's breast feeding n pump session work quite well. juz need 2 relax a bit, n drink lots n lots of water. but still thinking 2 get d hormone supplement. d school days is coming, will b tiring n have lots of work loads, so need 2 hav emergency plans so dat my breast will keep on producing enough milk 4 nadira ;))..

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

nadira's kenduri preparation

2day d paper bag for nadira's kenduri has arrived. all d way from kuala terengganu.. while d bunga telur, my cousin, wulan, brought from kl on 7th dec. both design were cute.

i bought d bunga telur, with d help aunty lai, @ klimcraft, jalan masjid india. each cost rm3, but aunty lai manage 2 get them 4 rm2 each. actually i 1 d polystyrene-glitter teddy bear bunga telur, but aunt lai only manage 2 find d fluffy teddy bear bunga telur, d cheap type. but i really2 like them.

d paper bags design were custom-made. i've design it 1st n deal with d paper bag/box maker, mrs. azua from serbanekashop.blogspot.com. each cost rm1.40. actually can print nadira's photo on them, but d cost will b around rm1.80. lari budget, coz i need 2 pay d courier. so, juz done a simple 1.

d fluffy teddy bear bunga telur. so cute;))

bought 200pcs of them. so 4 boxes, each boxes with 50pcs of bunga telur.

d paper bag.. which i'd designed.. especially for nadira's event;))

my design;) ( 'thank you for sharing our special day' @ d rear side )

Sunday, December 20, 2009

feeding.. (Part 2)

alhamdulillah..dis week things gone smoothly, although a bit stress (training nadira 2 b fed from d bottle, preparing 4 d kenduri event ). now she's able 2 suck teats from d bottle. but sadly, since yesterday, 19th dec, up until now, my breast milk had been decreased. only 1-2 ounce per pump session ( both breast ). today i've 2 mix nadira's feeding with formula milk, but she only able 2 drink 0.5-1 ounce per feeding ( only twice for today ).

i've drink a lot of water, milk n soup 2day, but seems like my breast still not producing more milk as usual. usually i can pump 2.5 - 5 ounce per pump session. nadira's feeding 10-12 times per day. nadira's breast pump session / feeding :

1) 5 or 6 am ;

2) 8 or 9 am ;

3) 11 am ;

4) 1 or 2 pm ;

5) 4 pm ;

6) 6 pm ;

7) 8 or 9 pm ;

8) 11 pm ;

9) 1 or 2 am ; n

10) 3 am.

about teats, i've found dat :

1) pigeon got 3 types of teats ( Small, Medium n Large ). nadira had tried all of d
type but only type L she 1 2 suck bcoz it's more soft n gentle than d others. but d L type has largest hole n will make d milk flow fast 4 each sucking ;

2) tommee tippee closer to nature silicone teats r unique 4 their design, but d Slow Flow Teat ( 0M+ ) type is not dat soft. nadira refused 2 suck it. tommee tippee got 4 types of teats, Slow, Medium, Fast n Variflow. nadira also had tried tommee tippee closer to nature silicone soothers ( 3-6M + ), n it also not soft 2 suck. mayb nadira dun like d hard stuff. hehe..

3) lastly, nadira had tried Dr. Brown's natural flow teat, n she able 2 suck it. finally.. dis teat is soft n gentle 2 suck with natural breast milk flow sucking. nadira was comfortable sucking it as mimics d natural breastfeeding action. dis brand has 5 types of teats, Preemie, Level 1 ( for NB ), Level 2 ( for 3M+ ), Level 3 ( for 6M+ ) n Level 4 ( faster flow for thicker liquids ).

during dis few 3 days i've also tried making nadira awake during day time ( playing with her n bring her touring d house.. hehe.. ) n she sleep from evening til nite time. sometimes 4pm-12am, 6pm-11pm, 5pm-10pm, which made her sleep directly for 5-6 hrs. usually d longest she can sleep directly is only 4 hrs. later next week or b4 d school starts, i'll train her 2 sleep longer. i really need my nap time during school days since it was tiring @ school.

mm.. really need 2 do sumthing about my breast milk. need 2 produce lots of it.:|

bukan cinta biasa - by afghan

Kali ini kusadari
Aku telah jatuh cinta
Dari hatiku terdalam
Sungguh aku cinta padamu

Cintaku bukanlah cinta biasa
Jika kamu yang memiliki
Dan kamu yang temaniku seumur hidupku

Terimalah pengakuanku
Percayalah kepadaku
Semua ini kulakukan
Karena kamu memang untukku

Cinta ku bukan cinta biasa
Jika kamu yang menemani
Dan kamu yang temaniku seumur hidupku
Terimalah pengakuanku

( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBSxNv1Js1s&feature=PlayList&p=C5C2294FFF227060&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=18 )

- i luv dis song. remind me of d movie ' bukan cinta biasa ' ( indonesia ) n 'papadom ' ( malaysia ). both r about a dad wit his daughter, trying his best 2 b a good dad. really sweet ;))

Friday, December 18, 2009

1 muharram 1431H ;)

yes.. it's a new year 2day.. i'm glad how time flies with d most happy moments. being a wife, got stable job, got pregnant, nadira's birth, got lantikan tetap from spp. kind of doing great ;). but still lack of savings.. hehe.. coz do a lot of shopping 4 nadira's stuff. really excited 2 hav her in my life. relationship with hubby also getting stronger n lots of luv. blooming day by day as it's almost 1 year of marriage (27th dec).

starting 2day, 18th dec 2009 ( 1 muharram 1431H ) n for next yr, 1st jan 2010, i'm promising myself 2 do d fullest 4 my family. must gain lots of confidence 2 b d best wife, mom, daughter n teacher as i can.

really 1 2 accomplish few things dis coming new yr..

1) do savings ;
2) full breastfeeding 4 nadira ( at least 6 months - end of march 2010 );
3) confirmation 4 being a teacher ( pengesahan jawatan ) n get salary raise. yeah! ;
4) transfer 2 labuan..? dunno yet coz my husband's workplace ( pml ) is going 2 closedown in 2 years time.. my sis-in-law advice not 2 transfer n juz stay in kk. still hav 2 think about dis ;
5) raya with my hubby's family @ semporna ( will do lots of shopping @ tawau - tudung n other indonesian's cheap stuff. hehe;)) ;
6) going 2 penang.. i miz dis place a lot esp d food ;P ;
7) visit 2 langkawi ;
8) jakarta n bandung shopping? mm.. will c if d condition allows.. money, time n safety ; n also
9) plans 4 nadira's 1st birthday.. haha.. really can't wait!

there'll b other stuff i think need 2 b accomplish later. juz pray dat my little family will b happy, healthy n really murah rezeki.. amin.. will do lots of sedekah.. smile, money, help others. d most important thing, sincere in everything i do n lots of patience.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


dis week, i'm training nadira 2 b fed from d bottle. pump d breast n store them in bottle storage ( juz have 12 of them, need 2 buy some more since need 2 prepare extra during school days ). put d pumped breast milk @ d fridge, top rack. these will last 4 3 days. so i got d storage bottle labeled.

nadira cries every time i feed her. sumtimes my sis also helps 2. need 2 person 2 feed her so that she dun cry, 1 person 2 feed her n 1 person 2 entertain her by singing. hehe.. hopefully she'll adapt with d bottle feeding b4 d school days start.

really hope i can feed nadira with breast milk at least when she's 6 months old. amin.. dat means until end of march 2010. so dat, d price of my breast pump will b equal or less than d price from d 6 months of formula milk feeding. yeah!;))

Friday, December 11, 2009


cian nadira, kna sunat pg td.. huhu.. but nadira is strong. after d dr. suzain done her job, nadira cried totally loud then after a while she fall asleep. i dress-up her 4 going 2 d clinic. saja melawa.. nadira wear her headband 4 d 1st time.. so cute.. all pics were taken @ home, after nadira had her afternoon nap..

o ya, can't wait 2 take family photo after nadira's kenduri. my mom suggest 2 take family photo shoot @ my bro's studio after d event since every1 will wear purple attire. n i'm also thinking 2 hav my lil' family outdoor photo a day afer. but i dun hav nice attire 4 it. huhu.. nadira will wear her jeans, her abah n mama shud do shopping 2 get nice attire, saja la mau shopping since my hubby is getting his year-end bonus. yeah!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

counting days 4 nadira's 3 months old

can't wait 4 nadira's 3 months old (on d 23rd). while on d 25th we r going 2 held nadira's event, cukur jambul n akikah. now bz planning it, juz a small simple ceremony. will attend by families, neighbours n close frens. pening jg design 4 nadira's cot decoration. if over decorate membazir plak. mm.. need 2 design d decoration as d they can b reusable. bkn kedekut, tp byk brg2 masa kwin x pkai pun until 2day. syg la.. ribbons, satin n organza cloth. 1 2 use my wedding stuff? not suitable since they'r 4 gold theme event. still got time 2 b prepared..

dis ceremony kind of celebrating 4 events. hehe;P. 23rd- nadira's 3 months old, 25th-nadira's cukur jambul n akikah ceremony, 27th-my wedding's 1st anniversary n 28th-my birthday. really can't wait;). but d ceremony of course will b done as nadira's event la. kmi org tua celebrate diam2 jak. hehe..

i've taken few pics of nadira @ d end of last november around subuh time as i remembered. after being fed, nadira went back 2 sleep again. n dis r my fav pics: