Sunday, November 29, 2009

bz preparing 4 nadira's

dis becoming Xmas day, my family will b hosting Majlis Cukur Jambul & Akikah 4 nadira. she'll b 3 months old n it's also nearly 2 my 1st wedding anniversary ( d nikah ceremony was on 27th dec 2008 ). hehe.. back 2 dis coming event, i'm starting 2 get bz wit all d preparation. yesterday do some shopping 4 nadira's dress, her abah's garment ( kain baju melayu n samping )n d decoration 4 nadira's cot ( flowers arrangement, satin n organza ). below r d list 4 things dat need 2 b prepared:

1) kambing akikah;
2) marhaban group;
3) invite frens ( via sms n facebook ) n family;
4) entrance deco ( nadira's pic in large frame );
5) bunga telur;
6) nadira's cot decoration;
7) dulang decoration;
8) scissors; n
9) kelapa tua.

also need 2 complete mine n nadira's accessories 4 d big day. my hubby wil b home on d 25th til 28th. yeah! now stil surveying bunga telur, which i had planned 2 hav teddy bear type. most shop in kl was out of stock of it. found 2 shop dat r selling it ( kdai bunga riben @ semua house is selling 4 rm1.50 each - but currently out of stock, i'm following up with them n 1 shop is selling 4 rm2 each - but only hav purple color ). o ya.. d event's theme color r pink n purple. i'd also design an invitation card 2 b post in facebook.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

after 2 months..

yesterday went 2 kkia, as nadira's imunisasi appointment. n found out nadira's new :

weight : 4.40 kg
length : 58cm

while her head, chest n arm circumference r still d same as checked last month.she cried so loud during d injection. dui cian bah anak mama ;). luckily until 2day she didn't get any fever. hopefully she's strong from getting sick. juz keep on giving her breast milk i guess..

dis r d latest pics of her ;))

i've also uploaded nadira saying baby words or cooing @ youtube ( can't wait 2 hear 1st word from her.. ;D

Sunday, November 22, 2009

2morow will b nadira's 2 months old;))

lots of things changed after having nadira.. me n hubby r more happy than b4. although there's sumthing unhappy things happened 2 me about my family. but let it be.. doa jak byk2, sbr n cpt2 dpt pndah lbuan.. amin..

here i've upload pics of nadira which taken on d 2nd of november.

nadira also starting 2 express her laughter, smiley face. haha.. so cute;). she also cooing n giggling when i touch her cheeks, tickle her tummy n lifting both her arms up. even when i change her diaper n membebel 4 her poops, she sumtime laugh @ me wit her loudly giggle. haha.. n in d morning, when i'm washing her clothes she'll b playing wit her hands (by sucking her mittens - she still wear them) n giggling like she enjoying it. n i had 2 get back 2 her when she start crying after getting bored. well, babies really like d attention;)

nadira can't hear my voice.. once she heard me, she will try 2 find my face n start minta puji pretending 2 cry so that i'll carry her. huhu.. sumtimes i hide my face using a cushion so dat she'll continue lie down on her bouncer.

can't wait 4 nadira 2 say her 1st word;P

Friday, November 20, 2009

carrier or stroller?

i've found a mothercare 4 position carrier @ wit d price of rm100 n d shipping rm10. but d color is grey. still thinking is it worth 2 buy.. but d spec as below makes me 1 2 buy it :

a) facing you - traditional way to carry baby ;
b) facing outwards - the carrier can be used facing outward when ur baby can support their own head (approx 3mths ++) ;
c) piggyback style - for babies from approx 6mths ; n
d) nursing position.

d pic from d blog makes me curious. will d carrier work well as written in its user guide. i think d carrier is d old stock coz i can't find it in mothercare website. but it doesn't matter as long as it's worth 2 buy. i'll order it by nexwik, hav 2 wait 4 my pay-day.. hehe.. can't wait 2 carry nadira wit it ;))

for d stroller still can't decide which brand 2 buy. peg perego is d best 4 me, but it's 2 expensive. actually i'm thinking 2 buy a stroller which include a baby car seat. other choices 4 stroller r mac larren, combi, quinny, evenflo. really need 2 find d best stroller dat worth 2 buy n lots of specialities.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

watching movies' fever is back.. haha..

in dis 3 days, i watched d latest indonesian movies via, not very latest la but still from 2009. starting wit janda kembang - luna maya was so beautiful n i like it's ost suara ( ku berharap ). then watched 'punk in love', very excited 2 watch dis movie. u'll never know wat will happen next.. hehe.. then yesterday followed by laskar pelangi. dis was d 2009 best movie i ever watched. it was about education back in 70's in belitong, indonesia. really luv it. can't wait 4 it's sequel sang pemimpi.

n dis early morning watched saus kacang - bunga citra lestari wit her husband, ashraf sinclair. i was a bit surprise when saw marsha af in d movie. haha.. orang sabah.. proud 2 b sabahan.. ;))

there's plenty of 2009 indonesian movies 2 watch. still 2 find nursery 4 nadira.. yesterday got 2 phone number. still surveying which is d best. d fees n condition.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

vtech baby..

d vtech lullaby teddy projector (pink) juz arrived 2day. i bought it from mrs iza tru her blog ( it cost me rm120 including postage 2 kk. dis pink design wuz special edition, she bought it from london. i also had found d same teddy projector last few months ago @ a toy shop in kk, but d color wuz white. i've tried dis projector @ nadira's cot n it worked well.. wit projected rotation of teddy, stars, rainbow n clouds pic @ d ceiling. d songs were also nice 2..;)

contraception.. shud i?

i went 2 c dr. felice 2day 4 my 6th weeks after my c-sec delivery. my womb shrink back 2 normal size. n dr. felice said blood from d womb will appear until 6-8 wks after deliver tru c-sec. mine, up until now.. wit 2-3 days gap. dr. felice also said i'm able 2 do exercise such as jogging after 2 months, n do heavy work/exercise after 3 months from d labor day.

i also got dis info regarding full BF n menstrual. some ppl hav their menstrual period after 6 wks up until 1 yr after delivery. depend on d person. after dat, shud do contraception. it's important 2 plan dis thing.. better 2 hav 2nd child after 2 yrs of d 1st child was born.

also got dis info 'bout contraception. there's few types of contraception:

1) pills - with combination of hormones (not suitable 4 BF) n 2 b taken 1 tablet per day;

2) IUD @ intrauterine device - no need surgery, juz place inside d uterus n effective 4 3 yrs;

3) injection - 1 injection 4 2-3 months, but 4 precaution better take pills 1st coz some ppl hav allergic wit d pills;

4) condoms, diaphragm or vaginal cap;

5) rod implant - 2 place @ upper arm effective 4 3 yrs;

6) progestin pills - 1 tablet per day n safe 4 BF; n

7) ring - 2 place inside d vagina;

8) patches - 1 patch per week; n

9) natural - check monthly cycle.

4 me.. mayb later since my hubby was @ labuan. dr. felice also inform me 'bout PAP smear @ pap test. dis test shud b taken after 2 yrs of having sex @ married 2 find out wether we hav d virus dat cause cervical cancer or not. so i'll hav dis test later. hehe.. ppl interested 2 hav d vaccine 4 d virus can get it from dr. felice clinic 4 rm199 (3 injections, 2nd n 3rd injections after 3 n 6 months from d 1st injection). interested 2 hav dis vaccine.. mayb after my life get back on track la..

Thursday, November 5, 2009

nadira latest pic..

finally, me n my hubby manage 2 took dis pic, nadira's smiley face ;))

n dis pic during her 40th day.. ;)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

getting better ;))

it's been a while since my last blog update. october was truly a stress month. but it's getting better now since i got lots of parenting experience n lots more will have in d future. 2day was my hubby's b'day ;). n he's coming home.. yeah! can't wait..

thinking 2 bring nadira 2 meet dr kuan 2morow ( baby n child specialist ). i juz 1 2 know nadira latest condition. well, her eyes always hav eye wax. d kkia doc said that it caused from my vaginal discharge existance during pregnancy. nadira got her eye drop, but til now there r wax in her eyes. also 1 2 ask dr kuan d best food 2 eat during BF since i'm stil not recover from my operation wound.

really 1 2 take nadira's latest pic. n mayb a family pic since my hubby will b around dis few days. but i stil can't fit into my jeans ( size 24 ).. dun 1 2 wear maternity pants or khakis pants. huhu.. need 2 do shopping.. (kna tgu gaji dlu). haha.. ;P