Thursday, January 31, 2013

2013 kk medical visit pt. 1

28.1.13 - alhamdulillah we managed 2 get d executive room dis time. n hubby got a toilettries set, which he didn't get it last time.

we sent hubby 2 register @ 7.40am n he'd been asked 2 rest. hubby went 2 operation room @ 12.30pm, but dr. dharma only arrive @ 1.20pm. d surgery took about 30-40mins. hubby said it was painful dis time. he got full-body of anaesthetic, which las time only half-body.

dr. dharma said hubby can b discharged in afternoon d nex day.

while waiting hubby resting in d morning, me n my dad brought nadira 2 indra skin clinic @ kk specialist centre. d doc was so grumpy. haha..

even when i'm using my phone 2 take note 4 her consultant advice, she asked me 2 put away my phone. same 4 nadira, she was being told not 2 touch her medicines in d room. haha;p

she got 1 antibiotic, 2 4 anti-allergy which each 4 day n nite, bath soaking liquid 2 put in d water n body cream. total fee was rm440. all medicines r 4 6 wks time. hopefully her skin will recover very soon.. amin ;))

doctor-2-b? hopefully she'll b a bright n healthy child in d future;))

29.1.13 - dr. dharma was so bz wit other patients n surgery d whole day. he only manage 2 check hubby in d evening. so hubby was required 2 stay 1 more nite in d ward. again, nadira stay wit us during d day n arissa during nite time.

we checked d bill in d evening n guess wat.. it was already rm20k, which d total payment need 2 b paid weren't as discussed wit dr. dharma earlier.

30.1.13 - during d afternoon dr. dharma checked hubby again then there was another physiotherapist came 2 d ward 2 teach hubby how 2 do d right exercise 2 strengthen back of his foot.

d bill matter also was hardly 2 b settled. as we know earlier dat hubby will b covered a sum of rm13k per yr by ing insurance. but d hospital said it was rm8+++ only. so after checking wit d discharge department n calling ing insurance, which were lots of time 4 both, finally @ 3pm hubby was discharge n d we paid rm5+++ 2 cover d total payment of rm18744.60. huhu;'((
there goes my iphone5 ;'((

n hubby will c dr. dharma again on d 1st in d morning.

o ya, as 4 nadira, her skin was getting so much better. hopefully d meds were really suit 4 her. amin ;)) will post more later about her allergy.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

day 3 at dsh

arissa's playing in d ward ;))

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Location:damai specialist hospital

Sunday, January 27, 2013

eczema pt. 2

nadira's still having her skin allergies.. n few frens advise me 2 buy elken kington 4 nadira. it has been 6 days now n d result.. alhamdulillah her skin was getting better. less itchy n scratching;))

d worst allergy was on her left arm..

after 1 week :

kington isotonic.. elken's miracle liquid from marine sea water.. ;))
price rm266 4 30 bottles. huhu.. hopefully they'll worth a try..

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Thursday, January 17, 2013


poor nadira.. @ 1st, we thought it was only rashes inside her right elbow..

but things get worst.. it was eczema which then was spreading to nadira's
whole body skin. inside both elbows, back of d knees, arms, legs, chest, back of ears, back skin, stomach n both cheeks. went 2 d docs lots of time, switching medicines each time, but no signs of recovering:((

she should hav cool n less warm water 4 her bathing. warm water will make d skin drier then itchier. so better use a bath gel from hypo-alergenic n no fragrance.

after bath, we use mosturizing lotion after each bath. in nadira's case, we'r using ellgy's h20 arr lotion. put on her body 3-4 times a day so dat d skin will keep on mosturize. dryness will trigger d itchiness:((

some other case will also alergic wit some food. not sure 4 nadira. but will avoid egg, soy n peanuts.

n most website mentioned dat cigar's smoke will trigger d eczema. same happened during stress. huhu..

n dr teh from dr ong's clinic advise nadira 2 hav mild steroid 4 her skin. did once put on her skin, but then i'm feeling not confident wit d med. so we stop using it. i've checked in d google, some ppl will b alergic 2 d type of steroid. will hav fever n d skin will b much worse;((

since we'll b going 2 kk dis end of january 4 hubby's 2nd surgery, we also gonna c a dermatologist 4 2nd opinion of d eczema.

did some research n found dis helpful links :

i'm still thinking wat is d actually reason for dis eczema 2 occur? is it from cleanliness, skin dryness, food allergen etc?based on our water filter was so dirty 4 juz 2 wks time ;(( -pls c above pic.. planning 2 bring nadira 2 c either dr melinda or sum1 from smc.

hopefully she'll recover soon. if not, need other option, a traditional treatment.. my dad-in-law said 1 of his fren can cure dis kind of sickness. same wit my sis-in-law, she said dat sum1 @ semporna can cure dis 2. not fully believe of dis 'old ppl curing'. but juz hope it's worth 4 a try.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

my work station ;))

half from my work stuff. d other half were @ d cabinets or @ home ;)) 2 much 2 do in 1 time, which everything is important n so urgent.. huhu.. #greatteacher a title dat's still far 2 get, but still will do d best 4 my pupils.. from thoughts, hardwork n money.. yup, as long dat i can contribute 4 them.. hopefully all d things i've done is blessed by Him ;))

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Friday, January 11, 2013

arissa my chubby 'lil monster

poor arissa.. i've only got 'lil collection of her pics from her birth until now.. but 4 nadira, it was thousands of them. planning 2 do a design of photobook 4 arissa, but it'll not b easy since d lack of pics. huhu..

now she can say few words - ama ( mama ), aba ( abah ), me ( meow ).. haha ;p she's a kitty person like me ;)) n now she got 2 tiny upper teeth @ d centre.

she still got big appetite, as 4 all types of foods ;p

i think arissa getting her active from me, since i was eating a lot of crabs during my pregnancy ;p haha..

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Monday, January 7, 2013

home deco 4 end of 2012

juz got d chance 2 post dis. sumtime last december, after had lunch wit my bff, aning, n nadira, we went 2 financial park @ ujana kewangan.. 4 bill payment, window shooping n of coz some shopping done..

bought a vase @ parkson, which d price was rm99.90. n thankfully it got 20% less. been wanted d same vase since early of d year i think. finally, i hav it! ;))

also bought body shops's madagascan vanilla flower shower cream 4 15% offer, n also green tea n lemon reed diffuser 4 50% less since december is my birthday month.. luv d smell of d fresh lemon ;))

n here r d pic of as our new home accessories ;))

d diffuser..

silver high vase.. it has rubber base, so it'll not scratch our tv rack ;))

4 2013, hopefully i'm able 2 buy d ikea strind white side table rm299 n as sold @ 1mart, lbn rm389.. luv d round n white-silver look.. also either chest drawers or wardrobe 4 nadira+arissa. hav been peeking dis @ chee sing, lbn..

mokki brand from australia 4 bedroom set. pink 4 nadira n arissa. luv d set except 4 d chair. rm800+ juz 4 d study table set. huhu.. i'm not sure if they got queen size 4 dis 1..

another option, white bed furniture.. timeless n vintage;)) but not completely my taste. need a fresh simple design, but still timeless n elegant @ d same time..

wat a cute chest drawers ;)) n i do like d white dressing table wit stool design. but thinking juz 2 hav a tall framed mirror, wit no dressing table n stool. need a simple n fully function bedroom furniture 4 us since our rooms were not big spaces.

can't do a lot of furniture shopping dis early yr, since need 2 spare our money 4 semporna visit in dis coming raya.. n will do saving 4 our kitchen cabinet. still dying 2 hav a black-white-red kitchen cabinet. planning 2 hav them from Q-kitchen, petagas. they got good quality stuff n quite xpensive 2. i think it worth! ;)) so will design a latest kitchen cabinet dsign n do a survey 4 d price ;p

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Location:taman mahkota impian