Saturday, September 26, 2009

my precious angel ;))


i'd gave birth 2 a baby girl on 23 September 2009 ( 4 Syawal 1431H ), Wednesday @ 9.27am tru Cesarean section( or C-section ). she weight 3.0kg, with length 47cm n head diameter 33cm. she's quite a big baby 4 me actually.

i've experienced water-break at 4.00pm on d 22nd, n got 2 kk specialist centre around 4.30pm. they checked n i got bloody-show soon after dat. then i was admitted 2 d ward ( room no 3.. to detail.. haha.. .d contractions only start @ nite time with 20mins gap time. dr felice do checked me at 2.30am n guess wat? d opening was only 1cm. so i've been sent 2 d labor room 2 do d IV drip n d contractions become 3mins each gap.
it was so totally painful n i asked 4 painkiller. n @ 8am again d nurse checked me but d opening was only 2cm. dr felice dcided 2 do C-section 4 me. n i got into d operation room @ 9am n went out @ 10am. dr felice was totally great, i didn't even notice when she cut n took out d baby from my belly ( 'bius separuh badan' ). even they played rossa's songs during d operation. haha.. my baby cried very loud. nyaring suaranya.. hehe.. then i was sent back 2 d ward 4 resting, as well my baby 2 d nursery.

later, after being cleaned, my baby was 'azan dan iqamat' by uncle maarof ( my dad's brother ) since my hubby n dad not available during dis time. then i felt asleep..
will continue my nursing experience later.. ngantuk ni bgn jam 3pg 4 nursing baby.. also will upload d pics when i'm healthy enough..

Saturday, September 19, 2009

last minute shopping..

i did a last minute shopping on Thursday 4 my baby girl. actually 2 find her a purple garment. so dat me n my hubby can take a family photo wit her later since our family raya theme dis yr is purple ;). bought bumblebee waterproof bed pad, carter's purple collar t-shirt, white tights, 2 pcs carter's purple romper ( wit pants ) n 5pcs disney pooh's garment set ( a day n a nite rompers, a singlet, bib n hat ). d pooh's set was so cute.. can't wait 2 c nadira wear them.

felt less excitement 4 raya dis yr.. done raya shopping only 4 nadira n hubby. me? no need la.. hehe.. only hav 1 new raya baju kurung :(. also prepared 'duit raya' 4 my family n also hubby's family. me n hubby will b celebrating raya @ kk only. mom, dad, abang, lalan n girl will b @ kampung on d 1st day raya ( from after subuh til d evening ) since they 24 hrs ' on-call' 4 my delivery. haha..

i'm still waiting 4 d labor symptom. n juz felt d contractions. will hav appointment wit doc felice on d 19th. hope she'll give advices 4 d delivery. felt a little nervous n excited 2 b a mom.. also a bit worried.. Ya Allah, hopefully everything will happen smoothly.. amin..

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

final days of shopping b4 alana nadira's birth


my sis-in-law bought nadira a set of pink garment. so cute.. n nadira also had new-born-cousin. my sis-in-law, kak santi delivered a healthy 2.8kg baby boy on 14th sept.

yesterday went 2 aussino @ cp 2 buy baby bedding set (pillow, bolster n comforter cover wit fill) which cost rm239.90, but i got it 4 rm172.40 since i was d aussino member. n 2day went 2 kids avenue @ kk times square n bought cot bed latex mattress, garment set, cot bed deco n latex pillow wit bolster set. i also join d kids avenue's membership. met marina there wit her family, she was my schoolmate @ smesh during form 1-3. now she had 3 handsome princes ;). can't wait 4 nadira's birth..

Friday, September 11, 2009

symptom of labor.. i hav some of them already

i'd experienced most of d symptom already.. huhu.. anytime soon 4 delivery i guess..

1) Nesting Instinct

Braxton Hicks Contractions

Dropping / Lightening

More Vaginal Discharge

5) Backache

3 symptom left..

1) Changes in Servix ( dilation )

2) Rupture of membrane ( water breaking )

3) Labor contraction

thankfully i'd done wit preparing d birth cert document ( juz need d baby 2 pop-out ) n my spp's appointment agree-reply document ( juz need 2 post it ). juz 2 finish d exam question n filling students' project marks. mm.. alana nadira.. come out when u'r ready;). mama's waiting 4 u..

Friday, September 4, 2009

baby registration guide 4 JPN.. need 2 b prepared..

courtesy from

Apakah syarat untuk saya mendaftar kelahiran biasa?

Anda perlu mendaftar kelahiran dalam tempoh 14 hari dari tarikh kelahiran dan pemaklum mestilah Ibu/bapa/saudara/orang yang mengetahui kelahiran tersebut.

Apakah prosedur yang perlu saya lakukan untuk mendaftar kelahiran (daftar biasa kelahiran )?

Anda dikehendaki datang ke kaunter JPN dan membawa dokumen sokongan (asal dan salinan) iaitu:

  1. Borang A dan;

    Dokumen sokongan seperti berikut:

  2. Kad Pengenalan Ibubapa atau pemaklum

  3. Dokumen bukti kelahiran seperti kad pranatal, surat akuan doktor/bidan.

  4. Sijil Perkahwinan/Surat Nikah ibubapa

  5. Pasport/Dokumen perjalanan atau lain-lain pengenalan diri (jika tiada KP/KPT)

Berapakah bayaran yang perlu dilakukan?

Bayaran permohonan adalah percuma.

food during confinement period :|

2day @ work, having chit-chat wit cholics while waiting d school hours 2 b over. n d headline wuz about 'food during confinement period'. n guess wat? there's a lot of my favourite food i can't eat 4 40-100 days. huhu..

list of food dat only i can eat :

1) ayam kampung
2) ikan gelama
3) ikan haruan
4) ikan yu
5) daun pegaga
6) ulam raja
7) pucuk mengkudu
8) bread
9) durian
11) milk
12)nestum / oat

huhu:'(.. meat? sum said ok, but they said juz a little of it. no more eggs, spicy n cold food, no other fruits, seafood, junk food. so i decided 2 eat all dat i can b4 d labor day.. haha.. hopefully d labor n confinement period will run smoothly ;))

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

counting days ;))..

las sunday went 'berbuka' wit cuzie nurul @ kenny rogers cp n done some las minute shopping 4 baby. i bought anakku 6-12 months pink dress n tie pants, drapolene rash cream also bottle brush.

now i'm counting days 4 d labor day. really can't wait 2 meet my baby girl.. dis few weeks, i'd been experienced d braxton hicks contractions, baby hiccups in d belly, backache,d nesting instinct period (luv 2 make d room n everything nicely prepared, clean n tidy), n my belly starting going down 2.. as d baby trying 2 get her way out.. hehe.. 19 days more 4 d day.. n everyday juz thinking how will i deliver. can i make it? hopefully.. insyaAllah ;))

stil need 2 buy d bedding set 4 baby cot bed, coz both 1-borneo's n centre point's aussino doesn't hav their stock 4 now.. it's been 2 wks i've been following up wit them.. most prob if they stil didn't hav it til end of dis month, i'll juz buy d mothercare's rosebud bumper (rm 130+) n pillow case (rm30+) which they'll cost more than d aussino's full set- rm260.. huhu.. n recently i received msg from she's a tailor who made set of baby quilt, pillow case, bolster case, diaper stacker n bumper which cost rm365 (can do embroidered name on each item - which really made me interested). but she juz available 2 complete d set in october. hav 2 made d choice since it's almost d time.. huhu..

my confinement set arrived 2day. leesa formula confinemum premium which cost me only rm319, rather than sabah's normal price rm355. thanx 2 d set consist of Prawan tablet, Haruan tablet, Cotet Emas Uncang , Ginger Cream, Body Contour Gel, Bengkung Correctuer, Telon n 2 pack of Tungku Herba. all 9 items.