Sunday, April 13, 2014

Arissa's 2nd Birthday Celebration (Pt. 1 - Preparation)

arissa'd turned 2 on 27th feb last month, we didn't celebrated it yet. waiting for d school holiday to celebrate it at kk on 28th of march😁
combination of pink + mint green for the colour theme😁

my design of welcome board, e-invitation card and cake toppers.

already booked 2 cakes from secret recipe, suria sabah.. but sadly, we've been cancelling d party😓 since lack of family support. so we're just going to celebrate in our little family.

so we'll use only a part of my bday deco design😔

the garments for both of the girls also had been prepared 😊
arissa's tutu skirt from cotton on kids, while the t-shirt is from esprit.
for nadira's, esprit white blouse to match with pinky leggings😁
and this is arissa's bday gift😊 bought from toy'r'us, 1-borneo hypermall.

d simple celebration will be posted later 😁

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