Thursday, November 21, 2013

planning for a holiday trip 😁

1) plan for place n time. search for ticket fare, hotel rate (groupon deals also good!)

2) google for some blogs of resource of visit place (example as below, no profit for me just sharing one fo d best blog)

3) check ur own schedule, buy flight ticket n do hotel booking. 3D2N quite short for a holiday, maybe 4D3N is good especially for budget saving and packed schedule. n d best is a whole week of vacation😁

4) start planning ur vacation day, budget for transportation n food once u r there.

5) not forgetting souvenirs. t-shirt, fridge magnet or keychain is a must πŸ˜‰

6) also plan what to bring, suitable n easy to bring according to d place u've chosen, especially medications, children's neccesity n so on.

that's r my only thoughts for sharing a simple family vacation, since i'm a planner person.. haha.. hopefully our december 2013's jb visit soon will b a worth 1 😁 amin..😊