Sunday, March 31, 2013

march 2013

it's already d last day 4 march. n i didn't hav time 2 blog recently. haha.. bz wit fb, instagram, twitter, google, school work + arissa n nadira.. life was so fulled wit them.. haha..

well, wat's happening dis month? yup, on d 23rd finally i got my iPhone 5. a gift from dear hubby since my iPhone 4 was no longer functioning well ;p hubby got his 2 months bonus ;)) alhamdulillah..

here r our recent activities in march ;))
1) d iPhone 5
2) arissa n nadira got their new toys ; it's nadira 1st barbie ;))
3) dinner @ pizza hut
4) arissa n nadira recently
5) picnic @ layangan beach, brunch wit kfc meal, while arissa n nadira were so happy n xcited wit d beach environment

hopefully it'll b great in april coz as d starter we'r heading back 2 kk on d 5th 'til d 7th ;)) n p/s it'll b awkward 4 dis post since i'm blogging from my new phone. d blogger app was kind of different here than d blogger app in my former phone. huhu.. 'kebaruan' ;p

Saturday, March 9, 2013

happy february 2013

february has ended n lots of things happened. happy things mostly ;))

on 14th of february, during valentine's day, we went 2 frattini's restaurant 4 lunch.. juz me, hubby n nadira ;))

4 d kids' development, arissa's getting brighter n more active ;p

she really luv 2 put scarf or towel on her head. then she'll crawl around while wearing it ;))

arissa also got big appetite ;p

luvs 2 climb d sofas.. huhu.

arissa still got 8 teeth n did lot of standings;)) hopefully she'll walk soon ;))

while nadira luv 2 draw n do colouring. she also can count 1-20, knew A-Z, knew d prime n secunder colours.. also speaking wit a better vocabulary nowadays.

nadira's blocks creations :

no 1..




soft toys stack..

d kids other activities :

both nadira n arissa luv 2 play @ d playground ;)) we'll bring them during d evening if d weather suits.

also playing in d pool ,2-3 times a week.. both of them luv 2 play wit water ;p

n on d 27th, we did a pre-celebration 4 arissa's 1st bday ;))

hopefully she'll be a bright, healthy, happy, adorable n active child ;)) amin..

p/s - something happened sabah, my home-state, will do another post about it.. my sincere view of what i knew n understand from it..

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