Tuesday, June 24, 2014

working mode in summer 2014

alhamdullilah the skbk teacher's day closing ceremony & farewell celevration went well on the june 17th. after a very short, last-minute and hardwork of preparation.

it was a very tiring but worth every second to see happy faces of the celebrated-teachers.

and also got this lovely teacher's day gifts..

and on the 18-20 & 22nd were the skbk track & field championship. what a very hot and tiring days. i was one of the track refferee.. 

during the final day event @ the school..

i've trained them just few days before the final event with few cholics.. d.i.y. flowery headbands before the day as it was my 1st attempt😉

not much of pics since i was busy on the track and low-batt phone during the day..

alhamdulillah our marching team won the 1st place😁 though got last place for overall participation. it's okay, we'd tried our best.. still had next year for another try😊

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Summer May/June 2014 KK Visit

gone back to kk on the 27th may..

went shopping to get diapers and formula milk @ sunny supermarket tg aru. and continued shopping the next day☺️

bought toilettries, arissa pink/white blouse, lynda's daughter, safiyyah hana, a very cute bunny soft toy. 

later had baskin robbins ice cream as requested by nadira😉 and later bought black shoes for nadira.

continued to buy the long dress @ karamunsing complex since there was just short dress @ suria sabah.

on the 29th, bought nurul's wedding gift @ centre point sabah. 

she was so excited seeing the big bears😁
had the bruch of yoyo's drink and buns. after that, bought a rm20 sandalls for nadira. hopefully these sandalls last longer😄 as I've prefered the black shoes earlier for nadira.

on the 3rd, we went to kpj sabah specialist hospital to see dr. sindhu, a dermatologist to ask other opinion of arissa and nadira's skin allergies.

happy kids😁
they were happily singing and shouting @ the pharmacy's lobby😜
the 2 months med supplies for the 3 of us. 
rm500++ of bath cream, lotion, soft skin cream and hand&body cream for allergies.

the kids were having so much fun here in kk😁

though arissa's had bruise on her lower lip, she still had a great time😉

final day @ kk city, went to jesselton point to send my maid at the jetty terminal as later we're going back to labuan via flight.

on our way back to labuan😄

hopefully we're getting better after taking the kpj's meds😉 looking forward also for a trip to 'rumah terbalik', kundasang and other place near to kk in this year soon😊

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Nurul's Wedding (Pt. 3)

on the 30th, there is no official ceremony. just family gathering for sanding ceremony final preparation and a simple berinai ceremony for Nurul.

another wedding anniversary celebration for Nurul's parents and our cousin Kak Manja with her husband was held during the 2nd night of wedding.

on the 31st, another grand event for the wedding, Sanding Ceremony.

getting there😉

cheeky arissa😄

nadira was ready for being - flowergirl 😊

not forgetting for having 'selfie'😁

pretty bride she was.. haven't got much time to chit-chat with her due to both of our commitments.. hopefully we'll be catching up some other time😊

arissa was being moody😜

there was nadira sitting at the pelamin stage for few minutes before went crying as she was feeling so shy to the crowd of guest😁

during the evening, we got tired happy kids😄

still just few pictures especially arissa being fussy due to sleepy, tiredness and hot weather.

the next day was the final event for Javanese Style Sanding Ceremony

the pretty bride😊

PHB's boys😁

getting ready from Jojo's uncle house.. just few houses away from his parents' which the ceremony take place.

2 newly-wed couple, the other 1 was Jojo's lil' brother with his wife. they've already married earlier in march or april as i've remembered.

the AB's family

guest of honour for the day, Sabah's chief minister.

p/s - didn't get any pic of mine for the Javanese style ceremony. not much time to be on the pelamin stage, too many ppl want to be taken pictures with the brides & grooms.

congratulations again Nurul for her beautiful big day. may Allah bless you and Jojo with a wonderful married life💑👰😊

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