Friday, July 31, 2009

at d baby diaper bag

at last.. got d baby diaper bag. d brand is gin n jacqie. i'd been following d gin n jacqie's website 4 quite sometime. but since d shop is @ kl, it's hard 4 me 2 decide wether shud i buy d diaper bag from dis brand since i dun like d typical diaper bag from other baby brand. n at last during my shopping @ city mall, i found a shop dat sell dis brand. waa.. though only 3 option 4 d diaper bag. n i decide 2 buy dis blue 'simple alicia' diaper bag. it comes wit strap 4 hanging d bag at baby stroller n a change mat.

i also got my baby her blanket n hood towel yesterday. both r pink color.. hehe.. both from mothercare. i found dat kk price is more expensive than kl price.

completing d baby stuff.. waa.. spent a lot of money..

4-in-1 cot bed ( can change to a toddler bed or sofa )

i bought d baby cot bed @ little me, karamunsing 4 rm699 in early july. wit free bumper n mattress. but still hav 2 buy a new mattress since it's not thick.

dis few baby garment i bought them tru blog. d size seems ok n cheaper than sold in shops. i guess they'r factory outlet. but d quality r still ok;)

also done some shopping wit hubby last tuesday. bought baby garments @ little me, 1-borneo n stretch mark cream also nursing bra @ modernmum ( d brand is matern - which i'd used 4 d past 2 months. n i got no stretch mark from it ). my hubby pick d flowery design garment set n i did 4 d plain garment.

it's been a while..

salam..i'm so bz dis few days.. bz preparing n shopping 4 my soon born baby girl :)). n mommy's bday also around d corner ( aug 1st ), i got her a gold pendant. hope she'll like it. well dis is my 1st time giving her something dat's valuable. b4 dis 'sembarang' jak. haha..

i'll uplod few pics of d baby stuff dat i bought in july. n few things left in d list. nex monday will b my 8 months of pregnancy. waa.... kind of ' menghitung hari' suda. huhu..

Sunday, July 19, 2009

from aunty nurul@yuyu.. hehe;P

baby alana.. dis is gift 4 u from aunty nurul ( mama's 1st cousin ). all d way bought from jkarta.. bestnya baby lum lahir lg suda ada gift tgu2. baru mama igt mau upload. hehe. comel ;)). msti baby cute pkai all d rompers nnti.

Friday, July 17, 2009

1 month n 2 weeks 2 go..yeah!

salam.. i went 2 kkia juz now. i'm 30wks n 2 days pregnant. my blood hb is better than last 2 wks. it was 10.4 rather than 9.8. but stil need 2 keep it up over 11.0.

my belly was ok. n d nurse said need 2 prepare all baby stuff when d pregnancy reach 36 wks. means 1 month n 2 wks 2 go.. n when it reach 38 wks n above, i need 2 check weekly wit kkia. my nex appointment wit dr felice is on 18 aug. i'd also applied my maternity leave from d headmaster. fortunately he was ok wit it. n gave a lot of advice 4 my soon born 1st child. hehe.

will do all d shopping later in august. since dis end of month need 2 do savings 4 any emergencies n to print my wedding pics. i havn't print them yet :(. i mean d large pic size. i stil can say
' pengantin baru ' rite? haha..

Saturday, July 11, 2009

a new skin ;))

salam..i'm 29 wks n 5 days prgnant 2day. yesterday updating my blog 2 a pink background ;P. n also chatting wit new fren, fara, whom was my ex-bf wife. haha. we chat a lot. as we'r soon mom-2-b. we'd share a lot of thoughts about pregnancy n also d history of our school yrs.

d baby's chest drawer also arrived yesterday. now my room kind of become smaller space since a lot of stuff in it. so, when my hubby's home we'll re-design d room arrangement. then add d wall deco 4 our baby. can't wait..

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

inside my baby's wardrobe ;D

d 1st romper 4 my baby girl ( me n my hubby bought it b4 we knew it was a girl ). n romper set - wit long pants n bip. so cute ;)). can't wait 2 c them worn by my baby girl.. hehe..

as seen in facebook..hehe;)

waiting 4 d baby's chest drawer..d baby cot has arrived. n will add wall deco by d end of dis month. yeah! can't wait 2 do decoration 4 my baby girl ;))

Sunday, July 5, 2009

my baby girl :)).. baby alana ( me n my hubby called her )

salam.. i went 2 klinik sarva @ kk specialist yesterday 4 d baby 4D scan. later i found dat i'll hav a baby girl. my hubby was so happy, he was d 1 who really 1 a baby girl. me? @ d early pregnancy, i 1 a baby girl. then change my mind 4 a baby boy. but, either 1 is ok. as far as my baby n me is healthy b4, during n after d labor time.

dr sarva said my baby was chubby as in d 4d pic. everything look f9 n healthy. after my whole family looked @ d pic, they said my baby's face looks like my hubby. round nose, big eyes. hehe. but we'll c after she's born. hehe. i'm thinking 2 name her ' alana nadira ' - ' we soften, d unique d precious '. but me n hubby still considering other names 4 d moment.

n 2day i went 2 a baby store ' little me' @ karamunsing wit my hubby. we bought a baby cot. 4-in-1 so dat we can use it until baby alana 5 yrs old. hehe. stil 2 find a better mattress. since d free 1 is not thick.

nex month wil baby bedding set n mayb d wall deco. thinking 2 buy flower design 4 d deco;)).