Saturday, August 3, 2013

ramadhan 2013 (part 2 - shopping)

since starting of ramadhan had been surveying lots of online seller for my handbags, accessories, raya garments, etc.. even for the kids.. was kind of excited while counting days for raya.. haha..;p
purchased this and other authentic coach stuff;)) alhamdulillah, it has been ages craving to buy genuine leather stuff ;))

1) Coach Legacy Leather Medium Candace Carryall 
2) Coach Peyton Signature Heart Lanyard ID 
3) Coach Signature Heart iPhone5 Case 4) Coach Signature Heart Pony @ accessory for the handbag ;))

but unfortunate, only 2 item arrived for raya. the bag & the lanyard id.

also bought sk-2 facial cleanser & fte.. usually bought them only twice/three times a yr. their price also a bit higher then last year's. 

bought play tent for nadira during my shopping trip back to kk in early ramadhan, just a day-return flight lbn-kk. arissa & nadira were happily playing in it ;)

also got my self navy n white satin-inner also purple, aqua & printed peach butterflies shawls from purdypetals.. 

o ya.. here is 1 of my raya 'baju kurung'.. dis 1 is ready made, bought it from fb. 

d purple 1 was from last yr (never worn b4). also d green & brown/pink r gifts from my mom ;)) both clothes r from brunei..

my mom, dad & sis went to kl in d middle of ramadhan for shopping ;) so i asked them to buy few stuff for us ;))

i've asked my sis to find me a turquoise shawl n these shawls & blouse that r bought by her 4 me ;)

these r gifts from my mom to arissa (left) & nadira (right)

while these are the kurungs for arissa (left) & nadira (middle & right), which they should be in turquoise colour at 1st but hardly to find 1, so my mom bought them in purple). 

my mom also bought 2 blouses as gifts, quite big for me but still can wear them. only rm15 per piece. purple & green tone..

i've asked my sis to buy me a powerbank, 10,200mAh too for rm99 ;))

bought mine, nadira & arissa's raya socks & shoes at metrojaya, suria sabah.. while abah's, had bought earlier this year. he'd hardly wear them. only wore to attend some course for work.

raya headbands for nadira & arissa ;)) from cindy (turquoise) & metrojaya, suria sabah (pink)..

nadira's & arissa's raya garments, mostly bought from mothercare. done searching @ parkson & metrojaya but found mothercare has the best variety of kids garment ;).. 

nadira's shirt dress & legging set..
arissa's dress..
and i've used the voucher we'd won for the best story from mothercare to purchase arissa's dress. also bought few toiletries since we'll be staying more than a week for raya, just shampoo & lotion..

nadira's swimming suits bought @ parkson, wawasan plaza..

my brooches bought @ tamma, centre point

and raya undergarments, 2-pieces of victoria secret bra & panty sets ;)) bought them from a bit sexy don't you think? haha.. really a good bargain rm88 per piece. free delivery nationwide;)

nothing much stuff for raya. 'cukup2' only ;)) will be updating more about raya celebration soon ;))

Friday, August 2, 2013

ramadhan 2013 (part 1 - cooking)

salam ramadhan ;)) for fast breakung dis yr, i'd became a chef, not that great in cooking.. but i'd try lots of recipes.. haha.. alhamdulillah mostly taste good ;))

here r some of d pics of my cooked meal n other 'sungkai' food;))
cabonara spaghetti, mango fruit, acar timun, sup ikan tenggiri & ayam masak rendang kerisik..
white tomyam ;)
ayam masak merah..
mee goreng kerang, sup bayam, curry chicken, roti jala n cendol drink ;)
1st trial for paceri nenas ;))
my fav of all : my home-cooked-chicken rice
still learning to cook this buttermilk chicken;p
pucuk paku masak lemak..
nasi tomato, ikan tenggiri masak kicap, ayam masak merah (without frying d chicken at first) & sup bayam..

n later juz rotate d menu for d other fast breaking.. also bought food @ stall & restaurant if i was feeling sick, totally tired or lazy ;p