Wednesday, September 21, 2011

raya celebration @ my school

we're celebrating raya 4 d school @ 20.9.2011, which d event was quite simple but d parents came were totally out of numbered. haha.. so, d teachers hav to share with d pupils 4 d food.. luckily their food were a lot;))

here r some pics of d day.. n it's d 1st time i'm wearing make-up 2 work since i've been transfered to sk bukit kalam;)) got lots of compliment 4 dis;p

4 d 1st time i felt d close relationship with my cholics here.. well, b4 dis only dealing tru' classes, work.. but having brunch n singing 4 d raya karaoke was quite fun.. still missing d lok yuk environment;)) hope everything will b better esp nex yr.. as few cholics is applying 4 transfer, n mayb i'll b appointed 2 do more work 4 2011.. so will keep on bz again..

d baby's coming mid of february.. so better plan 2 do something 4 our new house during nov/dec (during school break). esp searching 4 d home furniture n appliances;)) can't wait..

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Location:labuan f.t.

Friday, September 9, 2011

i hate dis feeling.. stress..

it's almost 3 months @ labuan. n my life getting stressful n miserable each day..

i'm getting weaker.. stressful.. really hate dis feeling.. my preggy life seems like a burden to me.. i knew it's wrong to feel dat way, but i'm getting weaker, tired n stress when thinking 2 hav 2 children.. even 1 was already tiring 4 me..

i did all house chores, juz only sometime hubby giving his help.. dunno y, thinking i can't never b a good wife n mom.. ;'(( with all d problems (yup, kind of money n marriage problems @ d moment).. sick n tired 4 all dis.. i missed my happy life.. now seems like everything is tiring 4 me..

a wife should hav a helping concern hubby, but not 4 me.. a wife should hav a leader hubby but not 4 me.. a wife should hav a financial supporter from hubby, but not 4 me.. a wife should hav a really loving hubby, but not 4 me..

how can i b a good wife n a good mom, when i dun hav d energy to take care of myself? i'm not blamming any1, but only i was d 1 trying hard n i'm d 1 who getting worse.. a marriage shud hav romantic, adventures sharing life.. but now only adventure dealing with work, house chores n parenting nadira..

i'm not asking a perfect life.. but i'm so tired of my life right now.. no friend to talk with, even nothing encourage me right now.. mayb juz active-cutie nadira;)

to all single ladies out there, get ready to get married n hav children.. it can b great n also stressful.. so b well prepared..

dunno when my life will b cheerful again..

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Monday, September 5, 2011

salam eidulfitri ;))

salam eidulfitri to all muslims.. hope it's not too late to wish it here;) been bz, but it's more on 'x larat'.. haha.. yup.. nadira was sick in dis 3 wks, from diarrhea, then fever then flu n cough.. huhu.. 3 wks of tiring n lack of sleep..

these r d few pics of dis yr raya.. sadly it's only d 2 of us.. hubby wasn't with us during 1st-5th day of raya. me n nadira went back to kk on d 23rd then went back to labuan on d 3rd.. glad we managed to bought d 'rm16' flight (lbuan-kk-lbuan).. haha.. so only rm170 4 both of us;))

nadira was being so 'manja' n fussy during raya.. well, she dun like too many people gather around her.. but it's raya, so it must be lots of ppl esp family.. haha.. so whenever she realizes there's ppl around, she'll close her eyes with her palms n sometimes hide her cute face on my chest.. haha;P dis will b d funniest story 2 b told 2 her when she's bigger;P

my princess was so shy ;P.. no la.. it's juz bcoz she haven't been around with many ppl in dis 2 moths. juz being with us, me n hubby;(.. really missed life @ kk. but, life must goes on.. n i need 2 spread my wings n b independent;))

will upload other raya pics later;))