Tuesday, March 23, 2010

happy 6 months ;))

2day is nadira's 6 month or 1/2 yr.. hehe.. hubby's planning 2 b home by 24th march. but i want him 2 b back from 8th to 19th april, since my dad will b gone 2 umrah ( 8th-17th april ). want 2 do shopping 4 nadira. bring her 2 suria sabah ( metrojaya, etc ). never been there up til now.

thinking of having family potraiture also dis coming april, if hubby's home la. kind of preparing 4 nadira's 1st yr old photobook. now trying 2 collect lots of her cutest pics. oh no! my wedding photobook also haven't finished yet by my bro. wonder what's taking him so long 2 make it 30 pages. well, mayb since got thousands of my wedding's pics. hehe.. will start selecting nadira's best pic 2 b put in d photobook. dis time, i'm doing it myself. want it 2 b special 4 my precious nadira;)).

bout nadira. mm.. she always put things in her mouth, face towel, blanket, fingers.. her feet 2.. huhu.. she doesn't like 2 lie down on her tummy. like sitting n standing a lot ( both wit support ). i think mayb she'll skip d crawling stage. huhu.. others? well.. she'd begun wit turning head right to left, left to right. clapping 1 hand 2 her thigh when singing, shake her rattle toys n also will get angry when tired for being lying down - meaning she wants 2 b carry either by sitting or standing. huhu..

juz got d chance 2 uplod my family photo ( taken in december las yr ).d potraiture session being held @ my bro's studio. juz 2 update d new family members 2 d existing family photo on d wall.. ;))

Friday, March 5, 2010

older nadira..

yes nadira's getting older n mature day after day. still can't believe she's so big rite now wit her tiny body but bright mind;)). now she can fell asleep on her own witout n slept for 4-5 hours all night. only sometimes she wake up 4 getting fed.

as nadira gets older, she also sometimes start to cry when i went 2 d bathroom or leave the room 4 a while and will get excited when i come back. she will get very excited when she 1 2 be picked up after seeing me. nadira also become clingy and anxious around new (and even familiar) people and will cry if a stranger suddenly approaches her. but then smile from distance when d person try 2 approach wit her again. minta puji ni bah ;P

nadira now sees and hears very well rite now. from far she already see me clearly;). her bubbling sounds is kind of showing her feelings such as happiness, eagerness, uncomfortable etcetra..

she had her 5 months immunization (Hep B DTP / Hib / Polio) on d 25th feb n got fever d nex day @ 3am. but she didn't being fussy or crying 4 it. juz being playful as usual;). so i fed her panadol from d kkia (klinik ibu dan anak). but guess wat, d medicine wasn't effective. nadira's body was still @ high temperature. so i brought her 2 polyclinic permai @ noon n after being fed wit d medicine once, she's getting better. juz d fact dat, government stuff wasn't good enough. so better spend more money esp 4 d health of ur family, but thanx 2 petronas. d medical fees was free 4 us;)).

now it's likely nadira was ready 4 her solid food. but i didn't prepare yet 4 her food n d feeding item (spoon n food container). still searching what is worth 2 buy.n i'd already bought her nestle's plain rice cereal, heinz's baby food in small jar n drinking cup. it's avent's.
well.. got dis from a we bsite dat says a baby r ready 4 her solid food when :

* Shows signs of hunger before his usual feed time
* Dribbles and puts things in his mouth
* Can sit up with support
* Shows an interest in your food

mm.. most of d time, nadira 1 2 b fed. then everything she reach, she'll put into her mouth. yup, she'd started sitting wit support.n of coz, she's always interested 4 everything i ate. kunyam2 mulut tengok mama makan kan cundut? ;P will try 2 feed her solid food during d school break. now i'm so bz wit school work.

d hockey tournament will b held on 22nd march, need 2 train d students. huhu.. wat a bz march, after bz wit sports day preparation in february. no wonder dr. lalita adviced 2 get glucose drip dis afternoon, i was so exhausted. n d weather made me so so tired.. hopefully april will b settle down month, need 2 complete d smm (sistem maklumat murid) key-in work b4 d deadline (april/may). i'm d school's students data teacher. hope i'll hav d strength 2 do all dis.. amin..