Saturday, June 27, 2009

faces of graduation during pregnancy..hehe;))

ppl said only my cheeks n belly r chubby n bigger during pregnancy. alhamdulillah.. hopefully 1 day my baby also wil hav his own graduation day. mayb he'll b an architect, which once was dreamt as his mama n abah ambition. or any role he 1 2 b.. hopefully it'll b a professional 1. hehe;)). amin..

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

it's been 27 wks n 2 days..n stil counting..

i'm worried..exhausted everyday after school hrs..d work spp inteviu on d 3rd of july, stil not applying 4 my maternity leave, etc.. many things 2 b prepared.. n i juz so tired.. need sumthing 2 get freshen up!

Friday, June 19, 2009

it's been 25 wks n 6 days..

my baby kicking really hard nowadays.. n my belly is getting bigger n heavier day after day. aiyok.. 3 months 2 go..hope everything wil b ok.. yesterday i felt dizzy n really 'pitam' @ school since it was hot n bz day.. it was a really bz week. wit rehearsal n convocation day, then key-in all d students kh result. also psk result. really makes my day going up side down.. n i'm not started d spp interview preparation yet. 2 more wks 2 go.. lots of education things 2 read n study. aiyak! d ministers names, malaysia education history, bla..bla..bla.. hope things wil b smooth nex wik. amin..

Thursday, June 11, 2009

almost faint..

i went 2 wisma merdeka 2day. a fren ask me 2 accompany her 4 her wedding stuff shopping. n @ a card shop, i almost got fainted.. i had 2 sit down 4 a while until feeling a bit better. dis was my 2nd time having d same condition. but yesterday my blood hemoglobin n pressure was ok. mayb shud b @ home during d weather hot during d day..

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

i'm in a good health;))

dis morning i went 2 kkia again (kkia-klinik kesihatan ibu & anak @ jln kebajikan). n my weight n blood hemoglobin was f9. better than b4. hehe. gud news 4 me..if not, d nurses n my hubby wil 'membebel' again n again like usual.. thinking 2 go out 2day.. taking fresh air..haha..going 4 karaoke mayb ;P..

yesterday i went 2 keningau wit my cuzie, linda n a fren, nisa..2 visit my beloved 'ipg'. hehe. institut perguruan keningau. went there 2 get my exam transcript n my praktikum document. i got 3.53 4 my exam pointer n 'CEMERLANG'. hehe. d convocation wil b nex week, on d 16th. my hubby won't b there since he 1 2 sav his leave 4 our baby.. it's f9 4 me, coz our baby is more important..;D

Friday, June 5, 2009

breast feeding n d kicking..

today i went 2 kkia ( klinik kesihatan ibu n anak ) 4 attending d breast feeding class. dis class is compulsary 2 attend 4 every mom in malaysia, at lis once 4 being a mom. hehe.

they taught all d details 4 breast feeding including ways 4 breast feeding 4 d working mom like me;). they also said dat new born baby til his 6 months old was not suitable 2 use baby teat, since he will get confused wit his mom's nipple. so dat later he will prefer milk bottle n its teat. so better 2 use cups or special spoon 2 feed d baby. they also taught us on how 2 use manual breast pump. i'm thinking 2 buy electric breast pump, it's easier but d price is higher..

n 1 more baby's kicking was so hard during d class. mayb he was so excited 2 hear bout d breast feeding.. haha. my hubby also laugh when i told him dis story. can't wait 2 feed my own baby.. mama n abah are excited 2 hav u baby alana ;))..

Monday, June 1, 2009

heavenly shopping;))

my final day shopping is 2day. hav 2 wait 4 nex month. haha.. got new handbag, new attire 4 convo on d 16th ( dress, pants, shoes n tudung ) , mac mek-up also an imac. enuff 4 me..nex month is shopping month 4 my baby. avent's stuff n baby's bag. i'm worried if i'll b delivering earlier than d due date. thinking 2 buy either mothercare or ikea baby's crib. will dcide l8r..