Saturday, March 31, 2012

arissa's 1st BIG day preparation (pt. 1)

done d e-invitation card yesterday.. n invited close family n frens tru fb;))

n dis gold 'alas dulang' ( used during my wed day -nikah ), i used it as example 4 arissa's new 'alas dulang'.. hehe;p

dis is it.. accordingly 2 d PURPLE theme;))

lots of differences, as mine was d.i.y. n so simple as i had limited sources.. guna jak apa yg ada d rmah ;p

n 2day afternoon, d door gift bags hav arrived;)) i'd ordered them from fb, DoorGift Love Roselle.. woven style purple-pink vantage medium size bag 150pcs n organza style plain purple small size bag 100pcs, got a free pink vantage nail clipper..

also bought choclairs sweets 4 d kids guest n waiting 4 d yasin 4 d adult guest 2 b arrived by tuesday ;))

n arissa was trying her lay-place of d event. i had 2 transform my mom's sofa stool as nadira's cot bed has been brought 2 labuan.. huhu..

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

happy 1st monthsary arissa;))

she's 1 month old 2day ;D

mama, abah n kakak nadira luv u so much! mmuahh;-*..

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sneak peek of arissa's 1st BIG day ;))

done by me;p halfway 2 go 4 d simple decoration. it's 4 arissa's 'cukur jambul' n akikah event nex wik ;))

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Monday, March 26, 2012

it was almost a month..

it was almost 1 month now.. got nadira a set of praying garment. she luving it ;)) n always remember 2 pray whenever she 1. haha.. even d middle of morning ;p i'd bought it from fb, yusliana collection. ( telekung -rm55, sejadah - rm65 )

dis was our 2nd pic 2gether, d 3 of us.. nadira luvs 2 pose, while arissa still looking innocent. haha ;p

25.3.12 : @ wawasan plaza, shopping time.. bought nadira a minnie mouse dvd, then some groceries n thermo flask.. finally got a red flask ;p 1.5L gourmet brand 4 rm99..

look how happy nadira was..

while arissa, taking her nap in d sling carrier;))

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

countdown 2 3 wks ;))

alhamdulillah.. hubby was around since friday. n i got d chance 2 get a post labor massage. huhu.. it was 3-days package, which cost me rm200 per day wit baby bath n massage.

d 1st session of massage was totally in pain. d whole body, from head 2 toe. not 4getting breast massage - 2 unclogged d milk duct. it was d most pain of all n it made me cried ;p.

i'd also bought dis 'manjakani' drink.. d makcik urut said it's good 4 d internal body blood circulation..

felt a bit refresh after d 1st session;))

@7pm we went 2 mothercare 4 nadira's tshirt n jeans shopping;)) as she's getting taller.. so need 2 replace her 'hanging' jeans ;p.. d cutest rompers set dun hav d size 4 arissa. so, will get 4 her next time ;))

n 2day after d 2nd massage session felt more relief on d legs, shoulders n arms. but d head n back still felt pain, makcik said it was bcoz of stress n lots of sitting :((

then, @ 2pm, we headed 2 jakel n ariani boutique. got 2 pairs of raya clothes 4 both hubby n me.. 4 nadira n arissa juz 1 pair of raya clothes, which balance from abah's baju melayu clothes. our raya theme 4 dis yr is 'turqoise' ;)) spent rm800 @ jakel while @ ariani almost rm300, as i got 4 pairs of instant tudung;))

guess dat's d final shopping 4 march. need 2 spare some money 4 d nex appointment wit dr felice @ 16 apr, which i need 2 do d pap smear test. mayb will buy few of nadira n arissa stuff such as diaper, formula milk. n mayb juz snack 4 me..

o ya, during arissa's 2nd wk.. sumtimes she responds when i was talking 2 her ( as answering me back ) ;))

n 4 nadira.. still got her jealousy 2wards arissa ;p.. n even worst when she can't get wat she 1, she'll throw things n sumtimes kick or slaps @ ppl ( dat's 4 my dad, mom n my hubby ). n 4 me, she never dares.. she only speak back when i ask her not 2 do things.. huhu.. we called her 'boss' n sumtimes 'anak raja'.. ;p

she always pose her feet like dis whenever she drinks her milk. like a boss ;p

p/s : arissa was wit me during d 2 days shopping.. she was in d ring-sling carrier.. n thankfully she'd cried only during end of d shopping ;P
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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

arissa's 1 wk old ;))

5.3.2012 : it was arissa's 1st wk. n 1st time also going out wit d family.. hehe.. accompanying mama 2 dr. felice clinic;))

arissa wit kakak nadira;))

our 'kecil'..

she was a good girl.. less crying since having more sleeps during d day. n sometimes waking up @ nite 4 milk. bf ok, juz arissa was hardly 2 suck d nipple as she had small mouth.. huhu.. so sometimes i had 2 pump d milk 1st n feed her using bottle. she hardly wait sucking d breast 4 2 long, so she'll cry since having only a 'lil milk.

hopefully she'll grow healthy n later easily having mama's bf ;))

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

labor day

sorry 4 d late story of my labor day.. it was a very long hrs of contractions n nerves of d delivery, wether it'll b caesar again or vbac ;p

25th feb 2012 :

@ 1.15pm, i had my 1st bloody show.. juz a lil' blood. then went 2 kk specialist.. checking 4 d baby's heart beat n my contractions.. but it was false labor :(( juz opened 4 1cm only.. so no need 2 b admitted.. after waiting + 30 mins of check-up + waiting again, finally went 2 my in-laws @ 3.30pm. got d chance 2 eat burger n 'goreng pisang'.. yummy ;p

during nite time, got d 5mins gap of contractions @ 11pm. all nite long of aches.. didn't remember wat time i had my sleep. but surely lots of waking up bcoz of d pain..

26th feb 2012 :

6.30am arrived @ kk specialist.. during d check-up i was dilated wit 1.5cm, n d contractions gap was 6mins.. then admitted 2 d ward. d contractions getting harder..

mama's pose wit nadira;))

@ 4pm, checked again 4 d baby's heart beat n contractions development.. really in pain n tiring.. n @ 7.15pm dr felice came n i was dilated wit 4cm, so dr felice ruptured my amniotic sac n found out dat d baby already poop a bit in d belly.. huhu..

still in totally pain.. @ 11.25pm, got dripped wit d 'magic water', d nurse called it. dilated wit 6cm n induced wit pitocin..

27th feb 2012 :

later @12am, i was brought 2 d labor room.. seriously i'd decided 2 call 4 caesar again, really can't stand wit d pain.. but d nurse checked me n i was dilated wit 8cm.. thankfully i'm able 2 do d vbac;))

n after struggling wit d pain n pushing d baby..

finally @ 2.08am, arissa nathifa was born via vbac.. felt so relieved ;))

after being cleaned..

arissa got her 1st attempt of breastfeeding @ 3am, but still no milk produced. try 2 rest but keep on waking up.. felt pain 4 d stitches n contractions.. yup, still feeling it.. n d stitches, i'm sure there's a lot of them.. huhu..

@ 11am 2nd attempt 4 bf again..

n only @ 4pm, i was allowed 2 go home.. dr felice haven't given her total fees, so d nurse was had 2 give us late invoice from d kksc..

it was heavy rain outside.. :(( thankfully d staff nurse helped me getting into d car by lifting nadira 1st.. hubby got totally wet.. no 1 else was there 4 us.. as 4 nadira, lots of ppl accompanying her home 4 d 1st time..

alhamdulillah.. everything was ok;)) hopefully our new bundle of joy will make our family stay happy, stronger, joyful, blessed n healthy;))

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d last moment of three ;))

22.2.12 : nadira wit her 2nd bike, a tricycle from her bapa tua;)).. also got d 1st bike from him, a bigger red bicycle few days earlier;p

23.02.12 : wit nadira during shopping @ cp n dining out @ kenny roger's.. bought her minnie's puppet. also bought pic frames @ just 4 u n artificial flower @ kaison.. n abah arrived @ kk late nite, drove from lbuan..

n d next day, we went 2 palm sq, cp.. abah bought his new sandalls n we had late lunch @ secret recipe, cp;))

nadira's eager 1 2 b a big sis ;))

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