Wednesday, May 16, 2012

happy teacher's day

it was teacher's day again yesterday.. celebrating it 4 d 1st time @ my new school. d celebration was ok. not too grand or too simple..

n i got few gifts of dis special day ;))

1st gift of d day ;))

all d gifts..

my heart touched 4 d appreciation;)) still new but d pupils already luv'd me ;p

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

2012 home sweet home

still remember our house looks like earlier?

yup.. empty inside it earlier.. so here some pics after filled it wit furnitures, accessories n done smaller scale renovation ;))

d main entrance :



n d result, pearl white painted doors. hubby done d painting by himself ;))

d foyer area :

made it as simple as possible, as it near 2 d entrance door. will add frames of pics on d wall later ;D

d living area :


after.. d gold curtain was from our wedding room's curtain. suits wit our white-creamy living area ;))

now our new tv has been mounted on d wall.. n will add digital photo frame on d tv cabinet later ;))

dining area :


after.. d mirror can't b installed exactly @ d centre wall since there was a light switch @ d left side of d wall.. soon will add a bouquet of white roses on d dining table later, now searching 4 a suitable square vase ;))

kitchen :


during d renovation, our utility room was fulled wit kitchen stuff ;p

d r.c. counter top done ;))

our sink, 'rubine' brand.. d tap n water purifier hasn't been install..

later will install sliding window aluminium frame glass as d kitchen cabinet. @ 1st 1 2 install melamine abs kitchen cabinet, but 4 future causes better take d aluminium 1. juz need 2 install steel rack on top n inside 4 easy storage ;))

other area @ grd flr :

nadira's place.. near d staircase..

our backyard :

dun hav d big clothes hanger yet, juz d small 1. soon will get it after d backyard's roofing done ;))

@ 1st flr, all d bedrooms hav been furnished wit curtains.

d guest room :

we'd also furnished it wit our wedding ikea bed, ikea wardrobe n mirror rack.

nadira's room :

juz mattress.. no bedframe, wardrobe n study table/rack yet. mayb will get them during end of d year ;p

our master bedroom :

juz d tv, ps3, clothes rack, mattress n arissa's cot bed ( it was nadira's former cot bed ). will buy d bedframe later. n customize a 6'-0" length up-to-d-ceiling-wardrobe.

family area :

d plastic drawer fulled wit books, works n stationaries were juz 4 temporary period.. now still searching 4 a big wooden book rack. 1 box of books left @ kk will add my collection later;))

will hav d 'house warming' or kenduri pindah rumah on 2nd of june. since it'll b in a short time, mayb juz try 2 add more kitchen stuff n accesories;)). since we only had few frens from work n barely knew other ppl around here, hopefully families from kk can come n support our event ;D

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

arissa's 2nd month

last wednesday, 25.4.2012, we bought arissa's carrier cum rocker cum carseat ;)) it's from 'my dear' brand.. she luvs it, but can b bored after a while ;p well, arissa like 2 b hold as bigger baby ( hold her in our arms but her head turning 2 our back side ).. huhu;p

arissa's carrier..

happy in her carrier ;))

n on friday d same week, 27.4.2912, she got her 1st jab (d 1st after d delivery BCG injection n on her 2nd month). d doc also advise 2 take a vaccination jab 4 lung infection, i'd forgot d vaccin name. so will go back 2 permai polyclinic labuan another 2 wks time ;)) n she was 4kg 4 her 2nd month ;D

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